How to become a roleplayer

Who is the roleplayer? How to become a roleplayer?

Sometimes, reality seems too gray andboring, and want to escape to a fictional world. Such a feeling, probably, at least once appeared in everyone. However, there are people who have turned their fantasies and creative energy into a serious hobby. Let's try to figure out who the role-player is, what he does and what rules exist in this at first glance seemingly easy business.

who is the role-player

Role-player - what is it?

Perhaps, what the role-player means is bestcan themselves be told by the representatives of this movement. For them it is, rather, a way of life, a way of thinking, than something else. If you ask an inveterate role-player, why he is engaged in this seemingly frivolous business, this person will be very surprised and may even be offended, because for him everything that lives in the imagination is no less real than ordinary life.

who is the roleplayer vkontakte

The main thing that distinguishes the real role-players -love of stories, legends and especially reading. But it's not enough for them to see what someone else came up with on the pages. Gathered together, like-minded people try to realize the fictitious stories themselves into reality, to feel themselves as characters.

If you also would like to plunge into the world of fantasy andwondering how to become a role-player, one must remember: the occupation is not easy and requires a lot of expenses (both temporary resources and financial ones). If you are not ready to devote yourself entirely to the Game, you can not become a true role-player, but you can at least try.

How did the role movement appear?

The movement of the role-players was born at the end of the USSR. It was 1989, and at one of its congresses the science fiction writers decided to discuss in those days almost unknown to the Russians, but the cult of the novel by JRR Tolkien, cult-known in the West, entitled "The Lord of the Rings". The participants of the Congress liked this work so much that it was decided to beat some events in the book in the form of a costume show.

what does the role

Writers took up the matter with all the creativity andenergy that is inherent in people of this profession. The idea turned out to be successful, and therefore it was decided: why not repeat it for the next year? But the science fiction writers could not stop at this, infecting their acquaintances and like-minded people with the idea of ​​wagering book events. So the role movement avalanche spread throughout the country, and its participants began to be called Tolkienists.

If the inhabitants of that time ask whosuch a roleplayer or tolkienist, most of them would turn a finger at his temple and told about strange young guys running through forests and groves in strange clothes and dubbing each other with sticks. And the whole thing was the widespread poverty of the people and the inability to produce quality costumes and props. Over time, the situation has changed, and now there are many role clubs in which they engage in this fun in earnest, even attract sponsors and professionals (trainers, masters of sewing and making weapons).

what is the role-play in contact

Role playing games in the field

The first thing that comes to mind when answering a question"who is the role-player" is a man in armor / elf / gnome / orc / other evil spirits, with a sword or bow in his hands, somewhere in the country forest with like-minded people playing the role of the chosen character for several days. This is where the role-playing games began and what attracts many in our time.

 role-playing typical

Deciding to participate in field role-playing, you need a veryclearly understand what you are subscribing to. Each such game is a whole event, which, perhaps, will have to be prepared for at least six months. What is it worth only making a realistic costume that answers the canons of the story being played (whether it's a fantasy game based on Tolkien's works, or the reconstruction of real historical events). And if your character is a warrior, then it is desirable to make realistic weapons.

Usually, role-playing games areseveral days and more often outside the city, so participants need to be able to allocate a certain amount of time for this. But all costs are compensated by the opportunity to feel like a real participant in the events being recouped. For the sake of the emotions received from this many people are ready to become role-players.

Text-based role-playing games

It happens that a person does not have a desire orthe opportunity to join people who can be described as "a typical role", but he still would like to plunge into an imaginary world. With the spread of the Internet, and in particular forums, these home-bred people had a chance to realize their dream.

Forum, or text, role-playing games arethe playing of the chosen plot is not in the real situation, but in the form of text. Players seem to be writing their own book, in which each of them is a certain character.

how to become a role-player

Before the beginning of the text role everyonechooses a hero (existing or his own) and fills out a questionnaire (usually it consists of questions about the name, appearance, character of the character and the trial post, so that the organizer can assess the potential of the player).

When the roles are distributed, the actualthe game itself. Participants describe the actions of their heroes, improvise and interact with other players, their actions move the story forward. If the plot reaches a tipping point or there are disputes, the organizer directs the situation in a certain direction.

Role-players "VKontakte"

Now it is difficult to find a person who has not heard aboutsocial networks or not registered in one of them. In Russia, one of the most common was the VKontakte platform, and the role movement could not ignore this fact.

Who is the roleplayer "VKontakte"?This is a person who, with the help of a popular social network, is looking for like-minded people. In any of the numerous groups you can throw a call about finding partners for future games or just chatting with those who do not need to explain what a role-playing is. In contact with such people, you can always have a good time.

Tips for Beginners

What should I do if I can not find a suitable onefor himself role-playing, and feel like a hero of a fairy tale like? The only way out is to create your own game. It is not difficult to do this if you follow several tips.

1. Find the source of inspiration. The simplest thing is to re-read old classic tales or myths.

2.Give players a maneuver for action, because role-playing is not a performance, and all its charm in improvisation. Let the participants agree among themselves, and even if there are disputes, act decisively.

3. Think of unexpected obstacles for players. Role-players are people with imagination, and therefore it will be interesting for them to get out of unexpected situations.

How to make your rolevka popular?

So, now, having understood who such a role-player is, and having thought up a story that I would like to play, you need to be interested in your idea and others and support the game as long as possible. How to do it?

1. Find the original story, according to which role-playing games are not too many. Then more players can join you.

2. Give participants the opportunity to come up with their characters. After all, it often happens that the most interesting are taken immediately, and nobody wants to go on the role of secondary.

3. Often move the plot forward so that the game does not turn into a stagnant swamp.

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