How to become a policeman

How to become a policeman?

In our country, get a job in the policecan both a man and a woman between the ages of 18 and 35, but for this it is necessary to confirm compliance with a variety of requirements, prepare a whole folder of documents and go through a solid commission of doctors, psychologists and just employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. We will deal with each of them in more detail.

Where are policemen taught

So, you are seriously interested in the question of how to becomepolicemen and you do not know where to start. As for any other profession, future policemen must first be educated. If the question of how to become a policeman interested you in school, it is important to choose the right educational institution. In Russia there are 3 universities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with branches throughout the country, 5 academies, and in addition a lot of institutes, schools and even Suvorov schools of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In which of them to continue their education you decide.

Do not despair if the school is over severalyears ago and education for another profession has long been received. Not everything is lost. You can come to the personnel department of the district police station and, if you meet all the requirements for employment, you will be sent to the accelerated courses, and after that you will be allowed to go to work. However, in this case, remember that your education should not be lower than the secondary special. Very good, if it will be legal.

Required documents

If the issue of education is removed from the agenda,then you can go to the second stage of employment to work in the police. Namely, to prepare the necessary documents. In the police department you will have to bring with you:

  • passport (including foreign)
  • application for registration
  • an autobiography and a questionnaire for the applicant (both of which you will be given in the personnel department itself)
  • diploma of education
  • TIN
  • work book.

In addition, it is necessary to obtain recommendationsat least two police officers with at least 3 years of experience, and receive all documents that testify to your income (from the accounting department at the previous job or from the tax service).

Primary requirements

In addition to the appropriate education for the futurethe policeman is presented with many other requirements. The first of these is, of course, physical training. As a proof of your good physical shape, you will first have to go through a solid medical commission, and secondly, to pass sports standards, namely short-distance and long-distance running, pull-up (only for men) and push-ups (for girls only). An additional advantage in getting a job in the police will be service in the army, although this is not a prerequisite. Particular attention when applying for a job in the police is turned to psychological health, so you have to talk with a psychologist and take a few tests from him. Will check you and on the polygraph.

While doctors and a psychologist will studyyour health, the personnel department will study your biography and family history. Neither you nor any of your closest relatives, including parents, spouses, siblings, and children, should not be convicted. Otherwise, you can not even think about how to become a policeman.


If your age and education allow youget a job in the police, and all the documents are in order, then you will be invited for an interview. The questions that you will be asked at the interview are very different. You will be asked about your childhood, and about previous jobs. and about the family, and about studies, and about hobbies. In other words, be prepared for any questions and try to answer them honestly. Remember, you are trying to get a job at the police, which means that people who are interviewing you have enough skills to recognize a lie or insecurity in themselves.

Carier start

In order to become a policeman it is not enougheven all of the above. Provided that you pass all the checks and interviews, you will be invited to undergo an internship. At this time, the police officer will answer for you. And only after passing the probation period and the internship you will finally be able to work in the police.

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