How do I invoke the Task Manager Brief instruction

How do I invoke the Task Manager? Brief instruction

Any more or less experienced PC userYou need to know the basics of handling operating systems. The whole beauty of Windows is that, regardless of the version and service package, the basic control settings are almost to invoke the task managerThe design, functionality,system performance, but components such as task dispatcher, command line, reboot and shutdown functions, always remain unchanged in management.

This makes it easier to use the updatedversions of Windows, because even if you previously installed Win 95, and you decided to install the "Seven", then you will not be confused with the questions: "How to find the control panel?" or "How do I invoke the Task Manager?" Because from version to version this process does not change.

For example. How do I invoke the Task Manager? We do this in three different ways.

Method one. Enter the "Control Panel", click the mouse (right button) on the space free of icons to bring up the submenu. In the list of available functions you will see the corresponding line. Call the task manager with the left mouse button. That's all. But there are cases when the control panel is unavailable.

invoke the task managerMethod two. On the keyboard of your computer (or laptop), press Ctrl + Alt + Del one by one. Before you will appear the system control panel, in the window which will be offered several options. You immediately understand how to invoke the "Task Manager". If this does not happen, do not hit the keys again and again, believing that something has not worked. Perhaps your system is just overloaded and can not immediately fulfill your request.

Way the third. The simplest, but the least known. This option is mainly used by professional programmers and specialists in the field of IT-technologies. On the command line (Run), you need to use the English keyboard layout, enter the word "taskmgr" and press Enter. After that, the task manager will instantly appear on the screen.

A few words about functionality

task managerNow you know how to invoke the Task Managerquickly and easily, so no more difficulties should arise. After all, there are not so many problems that the dispatcher can not cope with. Whether you have a game or a virus banner that has blocked the management of the system, this simple function will help you quickly calculate and turn off the unwanted process from work, and then from the startup, if circumstances so require.

Also with it you can track the temperatureCPU, RAM utilization and even calculate what your RAM is full of. To turn off the active process, just just right-click on its icon, select "Go to process" and click on the "Uncheck" button.

These simple tricks should save you for a long timefrom unnecessary questions that inevitably arise when working with any OSes. Calling the task manager is the same as calling the customer service for help. The ability to independently manage certain problems while working on a PC significantly saves money and time.

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  • How do I invoke the Task Manager Brief instruction How do I invoke the Task Manager Brief instruction How do I invoke the Task Manager Brief instruction How do I invoke the Task Manager Brief instruction How do I invoke the Task Manager Brief instruction