Hotel Best Jacaranda 4 (Spain): photo and reviews

Hotel Best Jacaranda 4 * (Spain): photo and reviews

Best Jacaranda 4 * is a hotel complex,designed for marine recreation in the Canary Islands (Tenerife), in a region called Costa Adeje. Although it does not stand directly on the beach, its location is considered by tourists to be very good. It is located near the promenade, on foot you can walk even to Playa de Las Americas. The hotel is quite solid, there are many English and Italians, and Russian tourists are not so often. But those who rested in this hotel, appreciated it positively and often recommended to their friends and acquaintances.Best Jacaranda 4

Costa Adeje

This most popular resort in Tenerife has earnedattention and love of tourists around the world. Unlike the more famous and noisy neighboring Playa de Las Americas, travelers prefer to stay with their families here. At this type of guests is set and the hotel Best Jacaranda 4 *. Costa Adeje has several beach areas. The most exclusive of them is Duke. It is very expensive and the best hotels are located here. There is a beautiful shopping center, effectively highlighted in the evenings - Plaza del Duque. And having overcome two bristly cliffs of the cape, you find yourself on the more democratic beach of Fanabe. There are more tourists here, the infrastructure is better, but there is practically no nightlife. For all this, you will have to go to Playa de Las Americas, especially on Veronikas street. Especially since it is very near the Costa Adeje. In the east of Fanabe, on the beach of Puerto Colon, there is a pier for pleasure boats and one of the few discos - "El Faro". And the hotel "Ash ten - Gran Tenerife" is the only one in the vicinity of the casino.Best Jacaranda 4 Tenerife

Territory, how to get, what's nearby

To get to the hotel from the airport (if,of course, your transfer does not include a transfer), you need to take the bus number one hundred eleven to the station "Costa Adeje." It will take about half an hour. At the station there is an information office, where you will be prompted which local transport is closer to the hotel. The buildings of the Best Jacaranda 4 * hotel stand in the garden, with terraces descending from the hill. The buildings form a kind of courtyard, where there is a large swimming pool. Tourists claim that it is very beautiful, there are many fountains, flowers and arbors for recreation. In different parts of the garden there are promenades, everywhere tables with benches, chaise lounges, standing in the shade under palm trees. In the evenings, it is good to sit or lie down, looking at the sunset over the ocean. People with limited mobility or with stroller can also walk everywhere - everywhere there are convenient ramps. For extra money, you can park your car in a covered parking lot. On the territory there is a shop with souvenirs and a kiosk, where they buy a fresh press. Not far from the hotel there is a supermarket "Mercadona", as well as a wine boutique "Spanish", where alcohol is cheaper than in duty-free. Another large grocery store - Hyper Dina - is located behind several bus stops in Siam Mall. From the neighboring hotel "Princess" go free shuttles to several other shopping centers.Best Jacaranda 4 Costa Adeje. A photo

Number of rooms

Hotel Best Jacaranda 4 * is large enough. For the guests, he offers five hundred and sixty-three rooms. Tourists believe that in these hotel rooms you can find everything you need for a good holiday in Europe. The rooms are air-conditioned, there are small refrigerators. TVs are flat-screen, with a lot of satellite channels. The bathroom has a hairdryer. Each room has a balcony. Safe and wireless Internet in the rooms, though, it's paid services. But they clean the rooms every day, the beds are big, and the linen is clean and fresh. If the room you do not like something, you can change it. The balconies have a table, chairs and a clothes dryer. Since the hotel is multi-level, it is the best in the sector F.


In the hotel Best Jacaranda 4 * practicedmultiple power systems. This is a two-time meal, full board and "all inclusive". Here you can taste dishes from different countries, especially on thematic dinners. The local cuisine of the Canary Islands is also widely represented. The hotel has three bars - the pool, snack bar and "Piano". There you will be offered cocktails, drinks and various snacks (pizza, hamburgers). The food in the hotel restaurant is very varied and tasty. Dishes are practically not repeated. According to the Balearic and Catalan customs for breakfast offer "Kavu" (local sparkling wine, a version of champagne). In the morning, eggs are served in different types, bacon, sausages, sausages. If you are late for dinner, because the plane is so flown, you will be put on special tables with snacks, covered for such a case. A lot of tender fish, in particular salmon, seafood (especially paella and squid and mussels in batter), as well as delicious ice cream. Of the side dishes - rice, potatoes in a canary. Large selection of meat (rabbit, lamb), excellent desserts. Tourists especially praised pancakes with whipped cream. Fruits and vegetables are freshest. The restaurant is very spacious, there are always free tables.Best Jacaranda 4 spain Tenerife

Services for tourists

Reception of the hotel Best Jacaranda 4 * (Tenerife)works around the clock. When placing, you get a hotel card so that you do not wander. In the "Piano Bar" in the evenings you can listen to live music, as well as see concerts and various shows. For young people and fans of dancing discos are arranged. In the hotel there is a laundry, a hairdresser, and a SPA center with a sauna, and a gym. Many different board games, including football, tennis and billiards. For those who do not think of rest without sports, there is a playground for playing ball and court. Kids from four to twelve can have fun in the mini club. Russian-speaking employees work in the administration. Tourists celebrate the very high quality work of the animation team. Always fun, no one will be bored. In the afternoon, fitness, aqua aerobics and water polo in the pool, archery, volleyball on the beach, dance lessons (especially samba) and cooking master classes. Among the evening shows - Chinese magicians, circus performers, flamenco. Animation is held simultaneously on two sites, so that there is no crowd. Wi-Fi works well only in the lobby, as well as in lower case rooms.Best Jacaranda 4 Costa Adeje

Ocean and swimming pools

Nearest to the hotel Best Jacaranda 4 * (SpainCosta Adeje) the beach is called Fanabe. Go to him from the hotel about seven minutes. There are many cafes and shops along the way and along the ocean. Very beautiful promenade. The beach is clean, spacious, there is no crowd of people. The water temperature in the ocean is about twenty-three degrees Celsius. Swim quite comfortable, even for a long time. Sunset in the water is gentle, on the sand, so that even very young children are safe. Sun loungers and umbrellas are paid, so many go to the beach with their towels and blankets. You can walk a little further to the other coast - Duke, but it will take about a quarter of an hour. It is best to swim in the morning, when the ocean is quieter and the sun is softer. And on the territory of the hotel Best Jacaranda 4 * - photo is perfectly demonstrated - a huge selection of pools. There are seven of them: four for adults and two for kids. There is another pool with warm water, which is constantly heated. The hotel also houses three large sunbathing terraces - including, with sun loungers, parasols, sun loungers. At the reception you can take great beach towels on bail.Best Jacaranda 4 Spain Tenerife Costa Adeje


Do not fly to the Canary Islands just behind the beachrest. Tenerife is such a beautiful island that it is better to put a certain amount of money into the budget on excursions or renting a car to see at least the main attractions. Children will love the water park (there goes a free bus, stop right in front of the Best Jacaranda 4 * hotel (Spain, Tenerife) .If you are a hiker, be sure to visit the "Infernal Gorge" - a beautiful nature reserve with stunning views. Santa Cruz de Tenerife to admire the Baroque temples, colorful villas of local rich people.The trip to the Teide National Park, to volcanoes and sky-high beauties, will be remembered for the rest of your life, and the hotel offers even nocturnal In Puerto de la Cruz - the most rich wine island (where you will be offered and tasting), as well as the amazing beauty of the botanical garden, where you can also watch the show "Fiesta Canaria." And in the nearby "Playa de Las Americas "look in the park" Amazonia "and the castle of San Miguel.Best Jacaranda 4 reviews


This process in the Canary Islands does not bringonly tangible benefits, but also pleasure. About this write almost all the guests of the hotel Best Jacaranda 4 * (Spain, Tenerife, Costa Adeje). But the main purchases do not in place, but in the capital, the city of Santa Cruz. It is located eighty kilometers from the hotel, but from the same hotel "Princess" you can go there by a free bus. The easiest way to enjoy shopping in those places is to go to the coastal area in the shopping center "Plaza Espana". In Tenerife, good shoes, including women's, fine wines (especially malvasia and honey rum), cheap pistachios. Specialty stores sell Canarian hand embroidery - tablecloths, napkins, scarves, handbags.

Best Jacaranda 4 * - reviews

Tourists call this hotel very goodfour. Guests like good rooms, cheerful animation, good food (especially dinners), lots of pools and a chic, large green area. Very friendly staff. When you move out of the room, but do not leave yet, you are provided with a shower room so that you can put yourself in order before leaving. The location of the hotel is very convenient. Close to the sea, to shops and restaurants. In short, the holiday was successful for those who chose the hotel Best Jacaranda 4 * Costa Adeje. Photos on the hotel's website fully correspond to reality.

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  • Hotel Best Jacaranda 4 (Spain): photo and reviews Hotel Best Jacaranda 4 (Spain): photo and reviews Hotel Best Jacaranda 4 (Spain): photo and reviews Hotel Best Jacaranda 4 (Spain): photo and reviews Hotel Best Jacaranda 4 (Spain): photo and reviews