Holy faith in God

Holy faith in God

Throughout its existence, a personforever wondered: "Who created me, who is behind this all?" This is not surprising, it is the consciousness with which the person is endowed, the ability to ask such questions, the desire to achieve the truth and distinguishes us from animals.

We ask these questions, but never came toa single and true answer to them. But let's, before delving into such an intimate topic for each person as a religion, we will ask ourselves whether the very fact of attaining truth in such sacred matters is possible. What if it is for everyone, because the spiritual world of man is completely beyond the existing laws of physics and logic.

After everyone answers this question, II propose to make a brief digression into the history of religion and to touch upon such a notion as "faith in God." Man since the times of the primitive communal system attributed the divine power to everything that surrounded him. At that stage of development, such phenomena as a thunderstorm or rain, natural disasters and other riots of the element seemed absolutely inconceivable to a man. This was the reason for giving all these phenomena a supernatural origin. But it is worth noting that the religion of the primitive communal system is not a belief in one God. It was from polytheism that man came out and began to try to learn his spiritual world, to give an explanation to everything.

What happened next is known to every person,so I suggest you do not focus on the characteristics of the three major religions and list their possible pros and cons and go the other way.

Faith in God - the concept is rather intimate, I would not like to fit it under any kind of framework.

Look at what the current faith is like. It is high time for a person to stop being so conservative and stiff and admit one fact, from which his spiritual enlightenment will begin - faith in God without religion is possible. And those people who need churches and rituals in religion, I suggest first to get acquainted with the Scriptures and remember at least the case when Jesus drove the merchants from the temple. What are today's temples and confessions? Have they not become a commodity house for a man today, in which any rite can be ordered, and the most abominable sins of the church's rector will pity God for the payment he deserves?

And then, in my opinion, the mainhuman error. Disappointed in the servants of the church, a person begins to be disappointed in God, completely unwilling to distinguish between these two concepts. Faith in God for him begins and ends with the threshold of the church. But let's not think about things so negative, yet our article is about God, and God is, first of all, love.

So, what can a man do to a lost anddisappointed, searching everywhere, but not finding, a person who feels all of his life that his whole life was not accidental in the process of collision of two elementary particles in the universal emptiness, but was someone created?

Do not look for God in others, try to startfind it in yourself. In a metaphysical sense, faith in God is a state of spiritual harmony, a kind of universal great love. Nobody can tell you how to achieve this state, it is individual for each person and is not controlled by formulas and techniques.

But still there are some practical tipsto search for God in yourself. Refuse from all material, God does not touch. Treat with love for people, as little as possible show aggression in your communication with them.

Remember, Christian justice is differentfrom the usual. So, having one apple, dividing it equally for an ordinary person means dividing it in half. To divide an apple equally for a believer's person means to give the other three quarters, but to leave a quarter for yourself.

Do not renounce religions entirely, just know how to separate the seeds from the chaff. Distinguish the truth from falsehood - and find your God in yourself. This will be your way to salvation.

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