Hemangioma in a newborn

Hemangioma in a newborn

What is a hemangioma, knows not everyrepresentative of modern humanity. However, this type of phenomenon, unfortunately, is not considered rare. In general, a newborn's hemangioma is a benign tumor. It is formed most often as a result of some changes in the walls of arteries and vessels, for example. As for the main reason for this appearance, it is still unknown to scientists and medicine. It should be noted that several hundred years ago people believed that a newborn's hemangioma appears in the place for which the pregnant woman has seized, if suddenly she saw a strong fire or, for example, a fire. It should be noted that in female infants, hemangioma occurs several times more often.

In general, hemangioma in newborns in mostof cases can not be cured in any way, but simply simply goes on alone by about seven years. However, experts argue that such an education should in no case grow faster than the child himself. If the hemangioma in a newborn is growing by leaps and bounds, at the same time, it also changes its color, it is necessary to immediately contact an experienced specialist. In addition to all this, it is worth noting that such a tumor is removed. The earlier you do this, the less the result will be the scar.

As for the danger, the hemangioma inThe newborn does not carry it. However, quite often the child traumatizes the inflamed area, which leads to severe bleeding. That is why children should be forbidden to touch the tumor.

Hemangioma in newborn children isA constant observation, especially if it rapidly increases in size. As already mentioned, in some situations, an operation is required to remove it. Other methods may be required if hemangioma in newborns is formed. Treatment without surgery is characteristic only of cases when it does not increase or grow very slowly. As such methods, cryotherapy and electrophoresis are used, as well as a therapy called sclerosing. Such treatment very often gives good results.

It should be noted that when the tumor is removedtype with the help of only electrophoresis, there will be no scar left in the baby. However, such treatment will take a long time, about one and a half years. There is another way to treat hemangiomas. It is a question of cryotherapy or, as it is customary to say, freezing. For this, either liquid nitrogen or snow of so-called carbonic acid is used. As a result of applying such substances directly to the hemangioma itself, tumor tissues are simply frozen. As a result, a small swelling may appear on the skin, and then a thin crust that will soon come down. However, the scar sometimes remains. Everything here depends on the size and depth of the hemangioma itself.

Only specialists can assign the rightTreatment if hemangioma is detected in newborns. The reasons, as was said above, unfortunately, are not known to anyone. Perhaps in the future, scientists will be able to study such tumors in more detail and find out why they are generally formed. In any case, for today the parents of children who have fallen ill with this ailment can only hope for a favorable outcome of such a situation. In conclusion, it should be noted that in fact, an operation to remove a tumor of this type is not considered difficult. However, in this case everything depends, first of all, on the size and location of the hemangioma. For example, a large hemangioma in a newborn on the face is rarely removed without consequences. The fact is that in this place is likely to remain a noticeable scar, which is not always possible to remove in a short time.

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