Hand-made spoons from disposable ones

Hand-made spoons from disposable ones

Today, no one is surprised at the use ofdisposable tableware. But it's a shame to throw out spoons, forks, plates and glasses in half an hour after a meal. There are many options to extend their service life. Let them rejoice for a while. The only question is how to make from them such decorative items that will please others.

We decorate the wall

handmade disposable spoons

The simplest version: decorate with a spoon wall in the kitchen. The amount will depend on the size of the wall and the desire of the owner of the kitchen. You need to take plastic disposable spoons, buy acrylic paint with a brush, glue and a wooden tablet.

The choice of the color palette and the location of the spoons on the tablet depends on the imagination of the one who will undertake to perform such an unusual wall panel.


spoons from spoons of disposable photos

If the hostess likes to have an apartmentday on the table fresh flowers, it is very original will look like an odd piece of spoon disposable. A beautiful vase under the flowers is very easy to carry out. You need to take a tin can, plastic spoons, scissors, glue, acrylic paint and a paintbrush. Now you need to tackle the jar. It can be dyed by correctly choosing a color shade. From plastic spoons cut off the upper part, put on these blanks in the color of the tin cans painted. Dry parts of the spoons should be glued on the jar. As fantasy tells: inside or out with the convex side of the blanks.


It turns out a beautiful hand-made from spoons of disposablein the form of a clock placed in the sun. It will take 250 pieces of plastic spoons, scissors, superglue, polystyrene, watches, bolts with a screwdriver, a clerical knife. First you need to cut a circle with a diameter of 45 centimeters with a knife from a foam plastic. If there is a desire, you can make a product with a larger diameter or smaller.

Mark the center of the circle, which then will bethe clock is placed. Cut off the top main parts of the spoons. Now, starting from the edge of the circle, moving to the center, stick the spoons so that the foam is completely closed. Spoons can be left as white and natural, and you can give them a different color design. Before placing the watch, it is necessary to prepare a hole in the foam plastic from the back side, which will help to change the battery in the clock without hindrance. The clock can be replaced with a photo or a mirror.

Christmas tree

Very often do crafts from disposable spoonsfor New Year's competitions and exhibitions. In this case, you can advise to make an unusual Christmas tree. At the end of the work, you can paint it in green and attach miniature toys to it.

And before you start work you will need 100plastic spoons, a cone of paper, glue, as always, scissors and acrylic paint with a brush. Remove the spoons from the handles using scissors, glue the upper parts of the teaspoons down to the cone in a staggered manner, moving to the very top of the head.

A hand-made spoon made from spoons can serve well for gardeners. From such disposable utensils bright labels for beds with a designation of those plants which inhabit beds are obtained.

Garland of flowers

crafts from disposable spoons and forks

Crafting from spoons of disposable can help out and decorate the stage for a home holiday. Chic will look like a garland of flowers, reminiscent of spring flowers.

To perform such crafts from disposablespoon, you need to take the best colored spoons of pink, yellow and blue. It will take even a thick cardboard or fiberboard, a brush, paint, pompons made of woolen thread, glue and a thick thread, on which the whole garland will hang. Cut out of cardboard three identical in size triangle, each of them can be painted. Spoons are divided into two parts: a handle and a convex part. The second part will perform the function of the petals of spring plants. One flower consists of six petals. In each triangle, determine the middle and glue all the second parts of the spoons around. In the center of each flower add a color pompon made of woolen threads. In the triangles make holes and pull through them a prepared thick thread. The garland is ready. The number of triangles and colors can be increased. Everything depends on the area to be decorated.

handmade disposable spoons


How beautiful crafts are from disposable spoons and forks! Pictures and panels perfectly decorate any kitchen, hallway and room. It is only necessary to look at crafts made from disposable spoons, photos of such masterpieces of human hands evoke delight. In the picture with a picture of a swan and water lilies, spoons and forks of plastic are used. You need to be able to draw, because everything else in the picture should be depicted by the art of painting. The body contours of the bird are laid out from the concave parts of the spoons, for the feathers are used disposable forks. A water lily will be attached to the swan.

Who would have thought that crafts from disposablespoons and forks can make a worthy competition to all the paintings of the great artists. Moreover, in this case, striking immensity of imagination and an incredible flight of imagination of someone who performs such crafts. A skilled bending of the flower petal is performed by slowly heating the plastic. Painting details of spoons and forks should be combined with the image of the whole picture, which indicates a good taste of the master.

Musical instruments

Crafts made of disposable spoons canhelp mom create for her kid a musical instrument for a noise orchestra. What is most often used by children in these entertainments? Drums, accordions, children's pipes. A child with a maracas in his hand will look extraordinary and will cause a lot of rapturous looks. How to make such a toy? There is nothing easier. Take a plastic egg from the kinder-surprise, two plastic spoons, scotch and rice. A box from under the kinder should be filled with rice in a small amount, close, hold the container between the spoons and cover with colored tape.

crafts from disposable spoons


Bright-yellow pumpkins, ladybugs, dissolvedTheir wings, water lilies, roses and tulips will be an ornament of any exhibition. From plastic cookware are obtained exclusive exclusive lamps, amazing needle beds, decorative panels.

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  • Hand-made spoons from disposable ones Hand-made spoons from disposable ones Hand-made spoons from disposable ones Hand-made spoons from disposable ones Hand-made spoons from disposable ones Hand-made spoons from disposable ones Hand-made spoons from disposable ones