Gelatine lamination at home. Gelatine hair lamination

Gelatine lamination at home. Gelatine hair lamination

Gelatine lamination at homehelps representatives of the fair sex look amazing and without salon procedures. The naturalness of gelatin ensures the safety of the mask. And the effect of the home procedure is the same as after the expensive salon lamination. Does it make sense to overpay?

Gelatine hair lamination

Lamination of curls is necessary in those cases if the hair:

  • dull, lifeless;
  • overdried with iron or hairdryer;
  • suffered from dying, chemical wave;
  • split at the tips;
  • They break, tangle when combing.

Gelatine lamination at home -This is a cosmetic procedure that will help the curls look healthy, beautiful. The essence of lamination is that the composition covers each hair with a film. It protects curls from external damages, retains the necessary moisture.

gelatin lamination at home

The expensive lamination procedure in the salon can be replaced with a home one. It will come out much cheaper. And the effect will be the same as after visiting the beauty salon.

Effect after lamination

Lamination at home will allow the curls to look resilient, healthy. Shine will appear, the fragility of the hair will disappear. If the curls are badly damaged, then the effect of lamination will be more noticeable.

gelatinous hair mask effect of lamination at home

After the procedure, the hair is easily combed. Hair is not torn, not electrified. The volume and rich color appear.

The effect of lamination, depending on the individual characteristics and frequency of washing the head, lasts from 1 to 3 weeks. Therefore, the procedure is best done once or twice a month.

Gelatin base - benefit for hair

For lamination at home usegelatin. This natural remedy is an extract from the tendons of animals. Gelatin is a food product. It is used in cooking, so for hair it is completely safe. The composition of gelatin - necessary for hair microelements, amino acids.

gelatin hair lamination

Experienced masters of manicure recommend forimprove the condition of the nails to make a mask with gelatin. And its effect on the hair is simply necessary. Gelatin restores damaged hair structure. Makes them soft and poddativymi. He, enveloping his hair, forms a protective "breathing" film.

Gelatine hair lamination at home will save the split ends. Curls will become smooth, elastic. A rich shade of hair will appear.

The advantages of the lamination procedure

It is necessary to know that compliance with the rules of preparation of the recipe, the accuracy of the recommendations will make the procedure effective. Gelatine lamination at home has its advantages.

  1. The curls look healthy, shiny, supple.
  2. The procedure is safe - it is based only on natural ingredients.
  3. Lamination will protect curls from adverse external influences.

Lows of the lamination procedure

Different structure of hair can lead to different results of lamination, even if all the nuances of the procedure are observed. Before you laminate the house, you should take into account its disadvantages.

  1. An allergic reaction to the composition of the mask is possible. Before the procedure, it is necessary to make a test - apply gelatin to the skin. If after 10 minutes there is an itch, a burning sensation - it is better to refuse lamination.
  2. The composition should not be applied to the scalp. Otherwise, dryness, dandruff, irritation may appear.
  3. After the procedure, the curls will become more dirty.

Gelatine lamination at home

Gelatin has the property of adjusting the structurehair. After the procedure, the curls look well-groomed, smooth. Only on clean, damp hair is applied gelatinous hair mask. The effect of lamination at homemay not show up if violations were made during the preparation of the staff.

gelatinous hair lamination at home

  • Before and after lamination, do not use the hair dryer - the hair should dry naturally.
  • The composition should be kept on hair for 1 to 1.5 hours.
  • Apply the mask evenly, without touching the scalp.
  • If you plan to paint - it should be done before lamination.
  • After applying gelatinous laminate, wrap the head with food film and towel.
  • Rinse the curls with warm water, without using balm.
  • Lamination gelatin at home can not be more than 2 times a week.

Basic recipe

The basic recipe for gelatin lamination isthe basis for all kinds of masks with sour cream, butter, honey, henna or broth of herbs. They help to strengthen the beneficial effect of the procedure, will give the necessary shade to the hair.

A basic recipe can be used withoutadditions. He will perfectly cope with the lamination of the curls. The recipe consists of brewed gelatin and an air conditioner. It is important to know that all the auxiliaries are introduced only into the cooled gelatin.

recipe for gelatinous lamination

The basic recipe is designed for short hair. Depending on the length, it is necessary to increase the dosage.

  • Pour gelatin (one tablespoon) with cold boiled water (3 tablespoons). Leave the mixture for swelling (20 minutes to half an hour).
  • After the due date, put the cup with the mixture in a water bath. Be sure to stir - you should get a homogeneous mass without lumps.
  • Bring the mixture to a boil, but do not boil.
  • The cooled mask is suitable for lamination.

This base mask can be applied to the hair, retreating from the roots 2-5 cm. For greater effect, you need to add an air conditioner - so the mask will be better to wash off.

Mask with honey

Gelatine hair lamination at home is possible using a basic recipe or other recipes based on it. Honey mask will strengthen curls, give them silky and elasticity.

gelatinous hair lamination reviews

For the preparation of the composition is necessary to the basicprescription (3 tablespoons), add a teaspoon of shampoo. It is necessary for better washing off the mask. Add a teaspoonful of water and two teaspoons of natural (non-candied) honey.

Mix the ingredients until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

Mask with colorless henna and mustard

Gelatine lamination at home will make hair lightweight, supple. And henna and mustard will get rid of stiffness, give smoothness to the curls.

To the gelatin base (3 tbsp.) add the egg yolk, a tablespoon of colorless henna and a teaspoon of dry mustard. Stir the mixture thoroughly. If it is too thick, a few drops of water should be added.

Mask with essential oil

For the flexibility and shine of the curls, an ethereal-gelatinous hair mask is recommended. The effect of lamination at home, enhanced by essential oil, will be complemented by a pleasant aroma and a sense of freshness.

For the mask, any essential oil - jasmine, rosemary, lavender, sandalwood, lemon. To the gelatin base (3 tablespoons) add 2 teaspoons of conditioner and 3-5 drops of the selected oil.

Professional means for lamination

In beauty shops or online storesyou can find professional tools for laminating curls at home. When choosing a remedy, you should pay attention to the fact that it can be colorless or tinted.

The procedure itself consists of:

  • hair preparation;
  • laminating curls;
  • the final rinse.

Cosmetic companies produce whole lines forlaminating hair home. The kit usually includes shampoo, lotion (or mask) - these preparations will prepare the hair for the procedure. After that, the curtains should be applied with branded laminate. At the end of the procedure - washing the head with a special conditioner (or balm).

 gelatin lamination at home

Companies that produce funds for laminating curls at home:

  • Lebel Cosmetics (Japan);
  • Paul Mitchell (USA);
  • Double Action (Italy);
  • Lombok (Korea);
  • Estel (Russia).

When performing the lamination procedureprofessional tools must follow the instructions. Time, sequence of application of means - from these subtleties will depend the received effect.

Reviews about laminating gelatin

Most girls and women are delighted withhome laminating gelatin. This inexpensive tool has gained real popularity. Positive feedback is based on the fact that gelatinous mask can be done often - once a week. It is natural. Contained in gelatin, collagen restores weakened and brittle hair. After the mask, the curls become smooth, shiny, light.

Is gelatin hair suitable for everyone? Reviews of negative content indicate that no effect after the mask was found. Hair remains in the same state as before gelatinous lamination. Dry curls look lifeless and dull. No volume and no special elasticity was observed.

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