Finishing the sauna

Finishing the sauna

Before every person who decided to buildown steam room, sooner or later the question arises, what should be the finish of the sauna. It is on this depends on the style, comfort and heat output of the room. It is advisable to entrust internal work to professionals, but if necessary, you can do it yourself.

sauna finishing

Finishing of the sauna: materials

Best for these purposes is a naturaltree. It not only gently transfers heat, but also withstands large temperature differences. In addition, in the cooling process, it will give off a delicious aroma. Finishing the sauna inside can be done using different types of wood. The most common is the cedar lining, which has a number of undeniable advantages. The texture of this tree will create in the room an exquisite effect of naturalness.

Also finishing the saunacan be performed with the help of alder. This wood of a light orange shade harmonizes well with other colorful elements. To the indisputable advantages of alder vagonki can be attributed to the lack of predisposition to the appearance of fungus. Such wood can be easily processed.

interior decoration of the sauna

Thermal insulation work

Finishing the saunashould begin with the arrangement of thermal insulation. Most specialists recommend using for this purpose a special reflective foil-coated film. This material does not just keep the heat, but also reflects it inside the room. There are two types of reflective film: it can be thin or on a dense basis made of foamed polyurethane and other chemical materials. The thermal insulation properties directly depend on the thickness of the film. The closer it is, the better.

finishing the sauna with a lining

Finishing the sauna with a lining

To internal works it is necessary to proceed onlyafter all engineering and technical communications have been brought into the premises. In the beginning it is necessary to assemble a crate from an alder, lime or aspen timber. The minimum distance between the slats should be 50 cm. At the initial stage, it is necessary to attach the outer bars. For their installation it is recommended to use a level and a plumb line. After making sure that the crate has turned out even, you can attach the remaining rails to it.

Those who decide to do without a crate,material directly to the surface of the wall with the help of special construction staples or screws. But in this case, no one guarantees that the wall surface will be perfectly flat.

After the completion of the preparatory work, you can proceed to the main process. Finishing the saunadoes not require special skills, so you canconsult yourself. Fixing elements used in the process of performing internal works must be made of materials capable of withstanding high humidity and high temperatures. Substandard nails will eventually rust and form unpleasant stains on the walls.

The height of the lining should correspond to the height of the room. Sliced ​​material should be carefully attached to the crate with the help of finishing nails or special clay-knives.

At the final stage of the wall can be processedA special varnish that prevents changes in the texture or color of wood. One of the best options used for processing lining in the sauna, is considered an akvalak based on wax. It creates a thin protective film on the wood surface. For finishing the steam room, wood is used, impregnated with a colorless antifungal antiseptic, which prevents reproduction of mold and fungi.

decoration of sauna materials

Useful recommendations

In the process of interior decoration of the saunaforget about the ventilation system. In most cases, it consists of an exhaust and a supply channel. The first of them is mounted under the ceiling of the wall, will be located opposite the furnace, the second - near the entrance. Sometimes the supply channel is replaced by a small window in the wall or a gap above the threshold.

No less attention should be paid to the choice of inputdoors. In this case, it is not recommended to use conventional products. The door to the sauna should be made of wood plates or tempered glass. There should not be any metal elements on it. If there are windows in the room, then they must have good insulation, which can prevent possible heat loss.

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