Faust: quotes about the meaning of life and love

"Faust": quotes about the meaning of life and love

It's long and hard for understanding the drama Faust. Quotations from it are popular. "Faust" tells the story of a man who was a scientist, seized by his research. But then he was disappointed in science and in life, and he entered into an agreement with Mephistopheles. The devil promised to help him in life, and after death to take him to himself. Faust agreed.

And then he sets out his route accompanied byMephistopheles, which helps Faust achieve the goal - survive life in its highest moments. Only once was the play "Faust" staged on the stage during the author's lifetime. Quotations from it are given often.Faust Quotations

The division of "Faust" into two parts

The author divided the work into two parts. In the first hero of the old man turns into a young, full-strength man, who has a goal - to change the world. Open the book "Faust", citations only have time to rewrite. The hero believes that "out of laziness, a person goes into hibernation."

He is consumed by the thirst for action, since he did not leave his laboratory all his life. But what does he do? First he goes to witches, then to a dirty pub, then seduces the unfortunate Margarita.

Scenes that are known to all

The girl leaves the church where her sins were forgiven, but Faust immediately said: "I'll take this darling beauty in my arms today."Faustus quotation MephistophelesIf desired, as a thread, pulled out ofworks of "Faust" quotes. The character does not even have an idea about the immorality of his actions. And Margarita, who is only fourteen years old, a simple and pure soul, a sparkling and shimmering pearl hidden beneath a rough shell, foresees the evil.

Met Gretchen, Faust immediately rushes intoattack. Poor Gretchen asks himself: "What has become of me? I'm as if into trouble. " This is all the lyric "Faust" of Goethe, a quote about love, which ends tragically. She loved only Margarita, and she amazed Faust as a phenomenon, without touching his soul. He in the second part does not even remember about it.

A petty demon who stumbled with God for a mortgage

Mephistopheles in Goethe is not Satan, but only a small northern demon. God and the merry carefree buffoon, the clown Mephistopheles made Fausta a toy, the subject of a dispute. Will the demon tempt Faust?

It was very easy. What is the perception of the devil Faust? Quotations (Mephistopheles are their author) are forced to recall ubermensch - "superman". This seems to be a respectful word, which then will glorify Nietzsche. It was already in German with a religious meaning. But here it is derogatory: "superman". He dares to try to learn all the secrets of the universe. They can not fit into his head. For Faust this is a terrible experience.Faustus Goethe quotes about loveAll further Faust perceives as revenge forattempts at cognition. By the way, the words "The dry theory, my friend, and the tree of life eternally green" was not said by Faust, but by Mephistopheles in the laboratory of a student of Faust Wagner, when he created an artificial homunculus Homunculus with intelligence.

As a result, Faust will be saved, because Goethe, asa professional lawyer, put into his mouth a formula that does not quite correspond to the contract, it is incorrect in German, and Mephistopheles can not take it.

In addition, even though Faust and turned into a sinfula madman who is completely blinded, he is all the same saved by the thin thread of love for women: Jungfrau, Mutter, Königin, Göttin (to the Divine Providence, who also plays a huge role in this, that the fetus of man remained in Faust. Especially since Goethe appreciates the thought: "Only he is worthy of happiness and freedom, who every day goes for them to fight!"

And Faust is exactly this, although in his mad, overactive activity ruined many lives.

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  • Faust: quotes about the meaning of life and love Faust: quotes about the meaning of life and love Faust: quotes about the meaning of life and love Faust: quotes about the meaning of life and love Faust: quotes about the meaning of life and love Faust: quotes about the meaning of life and love Faust: quotes about the meaning of life and love