Eye shape and makeup

Eye shape and makeup

Each person has an individual eye shape. Mirrors of the soul are large or small, close or deep set, narrow or wide. Naturally, the shape of the eyes can be easily adjusted with the help of decorative cosmetics. From this article you will learn how you can do this.

Eye shapeIn order to apply makeup to the shape of the eyes, we will need very little time. You just need to determine what kind of eyes you have.

If you have small eyes, they are significantly smaller in proportion to the alignment with other facial features.

If convex, then they significantly dominate over other facial features.

If your eyes are closely set, then the distance from one to the other will be less than the size of the eye itself, and if deeply planted, when they are open, they will not see the fold line of the eyelid.

Eye shape and makeup

1. Close-set eyes. To remove them and make them more prominent, you need to select the outer corner of the eye and the inner one to lighten it. The inner corner of the eye is highlighted with light shadows, and the outer corner - with dark ones. Draw a pencil upper eyelid. You can touch up the third part with a pencil from the outside of the lower eyelid. Carry the bulk mascara on the eyelashes.

Eye shape and makeup2. Deeply planted eyes. In this make-up, you need to select the upper eyelid. To do this, apply completely to the entire eyelid light shadows, and shadows of medium tones along the contour of the eyes and upwards above the fold. Dark shadows can be applied to the inner corner of the eyes. Before applying mascara, select a pencil lower eyelid along the border of hair growth.

3. Eyes with drooping eyelids. Let's start the make-up with a pencil: let's draw the upper eyelid with a pencil very thin and shiny. At the level of the pupil, erase the line altogether. Dark shadows will be applied to the outer corner and the region of the impending age, and the light ones to the inner one. Mascara should be applied only on the upper lashes.

Eye Makeup4. Wide-set eyes. To visually reduce the distance between them, use dark shadows in the inner corners of the eyelids. At the outer corner of the eye, apply shades of medium shades, and on the upper part of the century - dark. Light shadows apply only in the center of the upper eyelid under the eyebrow. You can use the eyelid to lower and upper eyelids. It remains to apply mascara.

Do not forget that the shape of the eyes is inextricably linked with the shape of the eyebrows, so timely adjust your eyebrows. Draw a straight line from the corner of the eye to the eyebrow. This will be the point of the beginning of the eyebrow.

5. Convex eyes. In this case, it is necessary to apply dark shadows on the mobile eyelid and on the inner corners of the eye. In the middle of the mobile age, cast light shadows. If you use podvodku, then the line you will hold it, should merge with the eyelashes. Apply mascara.

6. Small eyes. To increase them, you need to pay attention to the central part of the eye. The upper eyelid draw a thick line. Lower eyelid subtly bring a bronze or beige pencil, scroll with light shadows. When applying mascara, add more volume to the center.

I think now that you know what the makeup is right for you, and can become irresistible.

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  • Eye shape and makeup Eye shape and makeup Eye shape and makeup Eye shape and makeup Eye shape and makeup