Enable or disable Windows features. User guide

Enable or disable Windows features. User guide

Almost any Windows edition comes witha certain set of functions, applications, programs that are already installed in the system. Unnecessary features can be deleted or disabled by the user, and besides, you can add the ones that are required to perform the necessary work, but are not installed by default. After removing unnecessary features on the system disk, there will be more free space, which is often not enough for users of tablets that run under Windows.

Run the utility

enable and disable windows components

Not every user knows where the Windows components are on or off.

A list of components can be opened in the sectioncontrol panel "Programs and components" (look for the link in the left block). But the easiest way to start this tool is by typing the "Start" menu item in the search bar to "enable or disable Windows components."

In the operating system version 8.1 there is a similar method, but before entering you need to press the combination "Win + S" on the keyboard.

Uninstall or install

The components window is presented as a list withall functions, applications, programs available for a specific release of the OS. If the checkbox is ticked in the list next to the component name, then it is already installed and is available. A gray tick indicates that the component consists of several packages. Click the "+" icon to view them. To see a description of each component, simply hover over and hold the cursor over its name.

Enable or disable Windows componentsis done by setting or unchecking the checkbox in the checkbox. To complete the operation, click on the "OK" button. Only after clicking this button will the processes of installation or removal be applied.

If you uncheck the box, Windows can warn you,that disabling this application can change the operation of other components. For more comprehensive information, the operating system will offer a link, clicking on which will open the page on the Internet with a detailed description.

where you can enable or disable windows components

Enable or disable Windows componentssometimes it's slow enough, because the system has to make a lot of changes and automatic settings. Many functions can be disabled without restarting the computer, however, if a restart is still required, Windows will warn the user about this and will be able to save all working documents.

Reboot after performing all the procedures will take a longer time than usual. This is due to the use of additional settings and registration of components.

Additional requirements of some packages

During installation, the OS can display a windowwith a request to access the Windows Update site. If you do not have Internet access at this time, then you will not be able to install the component located on Microsoft servers. Sometimes Windows requests the disk from which it was installed, if there is no such disk, you will have to download the distribution kit or try to get the components in a different way. Usually they can be found on the official Microsoft website, while all software products from the component list can be downloaded for free.

Tool "Enabling or disabling componentsWindows "provides the user with the flexibility to configure the system, but if you do not know the purpose of a particular component installed by default, you should not delete it. It is possible that some of the necessary functions that you use every day will become unavailable after that.

Empty list

enable or disable windows 7 components empty list

If you start the utility "Power on ordisabling Windows 7 components "an empty list does not allow you to perform the necessary actions, you will have to do some simple manipulations to solve the problem.

Go to the registry by opening the "Start" menu and typingsearch string for the word "regedit". In the displayed results, find the "regedit32" item and click on the icon. In the registry, go to the path "HKEYLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlWindows" and change the value of the "CSDVersion" parameter to 0.

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  • Enable or disable Windows features. User guide Enable or disable Windows features. User guide Enable or disable Windows features. User guide Enable or disable Windows features. User guide Enable or disable Windows features. User guide Enable or disable Windows features. User guide Enable or disable Windows features. User guide