Domestic small arms - from pistols to machine guns

Domestic small arms - from pistols to machine guns

For its long history, Russian engineersnot one dozen kinds of firearms were released. To describe all the models, not to mention the modifications present, many pages will be needed. But we have the opportunity to describe the domestic small arms that are in service in the Russian army. It is represented by pistols, submachine guns, sniper rifles and machine guns.

Russian Army pistols

The most common pistol, owhich for sure everyone heard, is a Makarov pistol. The PM was developed in the distant 1948, and it was adopted in the mid-twentieth century. But despite the prescription, the weapon continues to remain one of the most reliable and powerful means of conducting fire. Now it is used as a personal weapon in the army and law enforcement agencies.domestic small arms

The gun has a magazine for 8 rounds, sightingthe range of fire is 50 meters, and the killer power of the released projectile retains power and at a distance of 350 m. Recharging of weapons is carried out on the principle of recoil with a free shutter. The presented domestic small arms at a shot force the spring to be compressed, which, being opened, takes the bolt back under the action of inertia and sends the cartridge to the chamber.

A little on the other principle based actionself-loading silent pistol PSS. In it, the piston itself pushes the bullet out of the muzzle, while simultaneously blocking the powder gases in the shell. Because of this, the shot does not create a difference in pressure, and the projectile flies almost noiselessly.

Pistol Yarygin is very younga representative of protective equipment, but already had time to prove themselves on the positive side. At the moment, there is a re-equipment of prosecutors and police officers for this type of weapon.

Machines of the Russian Army

The most common automatic weapon in the Russian armyis AK Kalashnikov AK 74. This hand-held firearm was developed in 1970 for a new low-pulse cartridge 5.45x39. It has been in service since 1974. Its main feature was the weight of the ammunition set reduced in comparison with the previous sample - it was reduced by almost 1.5 kilograms.

 Russian small arms

This domestic small arms increasedaccuracy of fire - more than 50%. Now the aim range is about 1 km in the afternoon and 300 meters at night, while the breakdown capacity is maintained for 3000 meters. On the basis of this machine, several modifications have been developed, including AKS74U - a shorter version, which is intended for landing, crews of vehicles, artillery, pilots.

The machine "Val", developed by engineers P. Serdyukov and V. Krasnikov, is another fairly widespread military weapon, which is mainly used by special services. Its feature is practically silent shooting while maintaining the damaging effect on the distance up to 400 meters, as well as a small mass (2.5 kg) and ample opportunities for equipping with additional equipment. This type of weapon became in demand due to its unification and relatively simple device.

Sniper Rifles

The first rifle that I want to call isSVD, or Dragunov's sniper rifle. It was developed in the 60s of the last century, but to this day has retained its relevance. The principle of its operation is based on the powder gases, which, when shot, enter the gas outlet and push the piston in the opposite direction, thus ensuring a recharge. The aiming range of fire is kept for 1200 m, and the killer force is up to 3.8 km.

 military weapon

The second Russian small arms, worthymentions, is the "Vintorez" developed under the direction of PI Serdyukov in the 80s of the last century. The principle of recharging is based on the same gas removal, the maximum range of fire is only 600 meters. But he has his own peculiarities - the absolute noiselessness of the shot and a greater degree of unification with the Val machine. Both types of weapons were developed for special forces and confirmed their effectiveness.

Modern weapons of the sniper

Since 2013, the armament of the Russian army wasThe army sniper rifle is large-caliber, or ASVK. Calculated for only five shots, it can hit targets at distances of up to 1.5 kilometers. Its peculiarity is the "bull-pop" system: the trigger is located after the store (if you go from the butt), which allowed to increase the length of the trunk. At the same time, Russian small arms retained their length. At the moment is one of the best sniper rifles in the world.

Machine guns

Domestic small arms of the "machine gun" type are represented by two main options:

  1. A single machine gun, which combines portable and stationary weapons, designed primarily to defeat the enemy's manpower.
  2. A large-caliber machine gun, which is a completely stationary weapon and is a real thunderstorm of technology, aviation and even fortified positions.

Hand-held small arms

The first version of the weapon is represented by a machine gunKalashnikov and "Pecheneg", the second - the tools "Cord" and "Cliff". All types of small arms have proved themselves well in the field, including during the conduct of combat operations.

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  • Domestic small arms - from pistols to machine guns Domestic small arms - from pistols to machine guns Domestic small arms - from pistols to machine guns Domestic small arms - from pistols to machine guns Domestic small arms - from pistols to machine guns Domestic small arms - from pistols to machine guns Domestic small arms - from pistols to machine guns Domestic small arms - from pistols to machine guns Domestic small arms - from pistols to machine guns Domestic small arms - from pistols to machine guns