Director Soderbergh Stephen: biography, best films

Director Soderbergh Stephen: biography, best films

A good director can be seen right away. According to his imagination. By his work. According to his biography. Now on hearing the name of Soderbergh Stephen, and what do we know about this man, except his films? We will try to find out more about him. Perhaps, then, the secret of his success will become clear and the reason for the infinite presence in all lists of laureates.Containerstable


In 1963 in mid-January in the state of Georgiaa boy was born, who was called Stephen. His father, the professor, moved the whole family to Pittsburgh, and then to Baton Rouge, where he began working as a dean of the state university. As a schoolboy, Stephen Soderbergh enrolls in animator courses at his father's university and shoots the first short films (Janitor). The work of the guy captures, and after school he tries to implement the "great American dream" - to move to Hollywood. For some time he keeps afloat, working as a freelance editor, and then returns home to work in a video studio for the production of commercials and video clips. Along the way, Stephen Soderbergh continues to shoot short films and write scripts. In 1986, he shoots a documentary, for which he is nominated for a Grammy.

Successes and failures

First directorial success Steven Soderberghexperiences in alcohol captivity, but makes every effort to solve the problem. In 1987, he shoots a short film with the study of sexual relations "Winston". Further, he works on a logical continuation - already full-length tape "Sex, lies and video." The premiere of his work is exactly at the film festival "Sanders", where Soderbergh Stephen becomes the owner of the "Golden Palm Branch" and is nominated for an Oscar for the best original script.side effect

Personal life

The next six years, Soderbergh Stephen improveshis life, divorces his wife, actress Betsy Brantley. His daughter Sarah is born. He is working hard on the second full-length tape - the film "Kafka", on the shooting in which he invited Jeremy Irons himself to the main role. The film very ambiguously describes the life and work of Franz Kafka, relying on the works of the writer himself.

Next is the work on the film "King of the Hill", wheretells the story of a boy's life during the Great Depression. Little by little Soderbergh reveals. Stephen shows a game with flowers and a love for non-linear narrative. He makes it especially bright in the criminal drama Noir "There, Inside" 1995. In the center of the plot is the robbery of the machine of the collectors. The next film, Gray's Anatomy, tells of experiments in the field of alternative medicine conducted by a famous American actor.directed by steven

Hard work

In 1996, an experimental comedy came out -"Shizopolis". It's a new genre in which director Steven Soderbergh tries himself. Here he also plays one of the main roles, acts as a composer, cameraman, script writer. The film begins with an original introductory word, in which it is reported that the film is rather confusing, but it is even more interesting to watch it, since with each viewing it will become clearer. The film gives a reference to the filmic epic of the experimental film of the 70s. In 1999, the "Englishman" came out. Stephen Soderberger films his films with a unique technique of editing, which he attracts cult American actors. For example, in this film Terence Stamp and Peter Fonda appeared.

In 2000, two films were released: "Erin Brokovich" and "Traffic". Both paintings receive several nominations for "Oscar", which makes Soderbergh the first director since 1939, nominated for the best directing of the two-work sruza. As a result, he received a prize for "Traffic", a crime drama in the script of Stephen Gahan. The tape described all stages of drug trafficking, ranging from international supplies and ending with the sale to end customers. For today this is the longest film of the director. It took 147 minutes. The picture "Erin Brokovich" was based on real events. This is a social drama where in the center of the story is a single mother, performed by Julia Roberts, who is in litigation with a company that releases waste into the groundwater. Perhaps at that time the film was too complicated for the Oscar, but he was interested in critics.steven soderberg

Working with Cluny

Acquaintance with George Clooney gave a lotSoderbergh, but the actor did not stay in the loser. For the first time he was called to "Out of sight" Stephen Soderbergh. Films with romantic overtones he shot rarely, and Clooney was interested in the script. His partner was Jennifer Lopez, and the plot was based on the romance between the bank robber and the federal marshal.

In 2001, one of the mostfinancially successful director's films - "Ocean's 11 friends". This is a stylized remake of the 1960 film of the same name. Starring a whole galaxy of stars - George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Matt Damon. The fees amounted to more than 183 million dollars. The plot was simple, but incredibly original. A team of friends could furnish any and often used it. The film is a mixture of comedy, detective and film-robbery. In each scene there is a branded, slightly "relaxed" humor of Soderbergh's heroes.

In 2004, there was a continuation of "Ocean's 12 friends", where Soderbergh outplayed almost all the topics from the first film and even surpassed the original.

And in 2007 saw the third part of the film"Ocean's 13", where the heroes gathered to take revenge on the owner of the largest casino, which was performed by Al Pacino. To do this, they need to ruin the casino. In the course are all kinds of machinations.

Collaboration with Clooney was with Soderberg and in2005, when he filmed a pilot series of the series Unscripted about young people looking for work in Hollywood. The rest of the series he entrusted to shoot George Clooney in the script of Grant Heslov.steven soderberg movies


Low-budget became a picture of the director "In allwhich, in fact, is the continuation of the tape "Sex, Lies and Video." And then again the work on screen versions by Stephen Soderbergh continued, and his fame in 2002 was supplemented by the fantastic drama "Solaris", based on the novel by Stanislav Lem. Andrei Tarkovsky, as Soderbergh focused on the relationship between man and woman and their love.The producer of the picture was James Cameron, and George Clooney was invited to the main role.

Next was a semi-documentary miniseries "K"Again, the work was conducted with George Clooney.The film in 2004," Eros "was a joint work of Soderbergh, Wong Karwa and Michelangelo Antonioni.

Soderberg tried not to stay within the framework and inproof of that was shot by the experimental low-budget film "Bubble" without a special script and professional actors. The whole film is shot on a digital camera and released simultaneously for cinemas and DVDs. This is the first such experience, but Soderbergh has planned six more such films.stevenoe upberg

To be continued

In 2013, the screens released the film "Sideeffect. "Stephen Soderbergh became his director, the film was shot in the genre of a psychological thriller, perhaps the last work of Soderbergh, at least he made this statement.When he worked on the" Side Effect "he managed to stage 10 series of the project" The Nickerbocker Hospital ", was operator on the movie "Super Mike XXL." He did not make full-length films yet. Well, maybe he really wants to leave the movie.

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  • Director Soderbergh Stephen: biography, best films Director Soderbergh Stephen: biography, best films Director Soderbergh Stephen: biography, best films Director Soderbergh Stephen: biography, best films Director Soderbergh Stephen: biography, best films Director Soderbergh Stephen: biography, best films Director Soderbergh Stephen: biography, best films