Digital TV Beeline: list, reviews and connectivity

Digital TV "Beeline": list, reviews and connectivity

Television high definition officially appearedin our country not so long ago. Only in 2009 the corresponding state standard was approved, which defines the HD parameters. One of the operators that can broadcast the channels in a suitable quality is "Beeline".

Digital TV Beeline

Necessary equipment

If you want to view the extended listtelevision channels, without being distracted by the ripples on the screen and other hindrances, it is worth considering about how to connect digital television. Beeline is ready to provide relevant services to each of its customers. True, a prerequisite is the presence of a fiber optic network of this operator in your home. For example, every home Internet user provided by Beeline can connect to one of the offered TV channel packages.

But for this you must first purchaseequipment. Home digital TV "Beeline TV" will become available as soon as you buy a set with a prefix for the TV. It can be either with a recording function or without it.

The kit, in addition to the main console, includes: remote control, cable for connection to the TV and 2 Ethernet cords, switch. Of course, a device with a recording function is more expensive than usual. However, by acquiring it, you will get an opportunity not only to store interesting fragments in memory, but also to pause the pause when watching the programs, rewind them forward (backwards), return to the beginning of the previewed plot.

Beeline digital TV channel list

The advantages of HD from the "Beeline"

It's no secret that the picture given byconventional analog TV, uncomfortable to watch on large screens. Therefore, very often, together with the purchase of a new flat TV, most people think about purchasing a satellite dish or tuner. If you already have home Internet from the provider "Beeline", then it will be much easier for you to connect high-quality digital television. It is worth noting that the usual analog signal gives 486 lines, while HDTV - 1080. And thanks to the special perception of human eyes on the TV, it turns out that the picture is clearer in 6 times.

In addition to excellent quality, you get a lot moreadvantages. After all, digital television "Beeline" gives you the opportunity to choose. You can decide for yourself what and when to look. Each client can choose the appropriate channel package for him. In addition, modern digital television allows you to view the program for two weeks ahead directly on the screen.

Individual settings

Connection of TV programs is carried outonly at the request of the client. Each person chooses the appropriate tariff plan for himself, focusing on the list of channels that will be available to him after payment for the relevant services. In addition, all those connected to the digital TV service can control the viewing of certain movies or programs. To do this, a special function called "parental control" is created, with which you can block access to a number of channels or to movies from the available "Video Catalog".

Every person who has chosen the Internet anddigital television "Beeline", there is a unique opportunity. He can watch your favorite videos from the catalog, in which there are various movies, including in HDTV-quality.

How to become a subscriber of "Beeline"

home digital TV Beeline tv

To be able to watch the broadcastprograms in excellent quality, you must connect digital TV. Beeline provides an opportunity to buy an appropriate set-top box or rent it. In addition, you will need another Wi-Fi router (switch), through which you can connect to a single network as a computer, laptop or tablet, and a TV tuner.

But the main condition is the availability of a homewire Internet from this provider or the technical ability to conduct it. If this is not a problem, then it only remains to purchase or rent a suitable prefix. By the way, for customers who use the Internet and watch television as HD, there are special payment terms. For example, from July 10, 2014, everyone can take a tuner for rent absolutely free. A monthly fee for the Internet and TV will be installed depending on the selected software package.

Connection Features

digital television beeline reviews

By purchasing the appropriate equipment, you cancustomize it yourself, or you can invite a specialist who will do all the necessary work. If you do not want to wait for a person from technical support, then you will need information on how to connect. This is done as follows. First, a switch and a set-top box are connected to the network. After that, the cable of the dedicated Internet line is inserted into any of the router's ports. The next step is to connect Ethernet cables, the so-called patch cords. The presence of the signal is checked by the lighted indicators on the router. If this happens, you can safely connect one patch cord to the computer, and the second to the purchased TV tuner. After that, the prefix can be connected to the TV and watch your favorite movies and transmissions through the tuner from the operator "Beeline". Digital TV, the list of channels on which the subscriber chooses at his discretion, gives access to advanced features.

Further image adjustments will be performed depending on what kind of TV you have and what screen resolution for it is maximum: HD Ready or Full HD.

Channel Packages

digital television beeline channel packages

Currently, each subscriber who decided thatdigital TV "Beeline" is suitable for him, he can choose what he wants to watch. Each of the offered packages includes standard 26 channels, including Russia (1 and 2), ORT, RenTV, TNT, STS, Domashniy, Karusel and several others. That is, through the console you can watch all your favorite channels, which were available to you before.

In addition, the subscriber choosesdiscretionary package of programs. So, "Beeline" proposes to connect the following options. Package "Children" includes 11 different channels for the smallest viewers. Fans of films can subscribe to the "Kino" tariff plan. It gives access to 29 different channels in excellent quality. Sports fans will appreciate the package "Sport", because it will provide an opportunity to be aware of all events. Broadcasts are carried out on 16 additional channels. If you like to learn something new, then you will like the package "Cognitive". 34 additional channels will help to discover the unknown world. For those who find it difficult to decide, the operator created a universal package called "Mix". It includes 75 channels of different directions.

But this is not all the possibilities that thedigital television "Beeline". Packets can be combined. You can connect all 5 and get a discount of 50% on the monthly payment for services.

Reviews about digital TV

internet and digital television beelineMany are interested to know not only the generalcharacteristics of broadcasting in HD-format. It is much more useful to find out what people think about it that have already connected digital TV Beeline. Reviews of real users help to know not only about the merits, but also the main shortcomings.

So, for example, you have to be prepared for the fact thatthe attachment weighs about 4.5 kg. Only one TV can be connected to it, and it will work only through the AV or HDMI mode. The computer does not join the TV tuner. If you want to connect digital television to several screens, then you will need to purchase the appropriate number of consoles.

Each of the users notes the high quality of the image. But at the same time, many people do not forget to mention that in case of problems with the Internet, the TV disappears.

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  • Digital TV Beeline: list, reviews and connectivity Digital TV Beeline: list, reviews and connectivity Digital TV Beeline: list, reviews and connectivity Digital TV Beeline: list, reviews and connectivity Digital TV Beeline: list, reviews and connectivity Digital TV Beeline: list, reviews and connectivity Digital TV Beeline: list, reviews and connectivity Digital TV Beeline: list, reviews and connectivity