Description of recreation center Koster (Penza)

Description of recreation center "Koster" (Penza)

Just five minutes drive from Penza is the baserecreation "Bonfire". Despite the small distance from the city, around the campsite extends the forest, allowing you to relax from the noise in the environment of the relaxing sounds of nature.

brief information

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The camp "Koster" (Penza) is a place forrest in a circle of family or friends. On the territory there are several houses, as well as barbecues, gazebos, various entertainments. In addition to traditional arbours with barbecue grills, it offers a sauna and a swimming pool. Also on the camp "Koster" constantly organize various holidays.

Accommodation options

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All guests of the camp "Koster" (Penza) offer accommodation in one of the houses:

  • "The Terem". It is a large three-storey house, which can accommodate up to 30 people. There are two lounges with double beds, a living room with a TV and a music center, a bathroom and a sauna. Around the house there is a well-equipped veranda, where there is a brazier and a large table with chairs. Inside the house there is a clerk with water and a small kitchen area with a microwave and a fridge.
  • VIP-house "Beatrice". This is a small house for a romantic weekend. There is a bedroom with a double bed, a living room with a soft sofa, armchairs, a coffee table, a TV and a decorative fireplace, as well as a bathroom with a luxurious bath and shower. Still there is a small kitchen area with a microwave and a set of dishes. On the veranda there is a brazier.

Prices at the camp "Koster" (Penza) for renthouses start from 8000 rubles per day. This is the cost of accommodation in the cottage "Beatrice". Rent a house "Teremok" company of up to 20 people will cost 16,000 rubles per day.

Services and Entertainment Available

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For vacationers the following services are available:

  • free parking;
  • sports entertainment;
  • organization of celebrations;
  • renting of gazebos with barbecues;
  • sauna and sauna;
  • rent of sports equipment;
  • food.

To its guests the recreation center "Koster" (Penza) offers the following types of entertainment:

  • paintball;
  • football and volleyball matches;
  • table tennis;
  • walks through the forest;
  • dance floor with mirrored walls;
  • children's playground.

Also, vacationers can visit the house "Raus", whereThere is a sauna and a swimming pool with hydromassage. Around the cottage there is a furnished terrace. In this house can comfortably accommodate up to 25 people at a time.

In the cottage "Teremok" there is a sauna with aromatic oils, a banquet hall and karaoke. In the house "Razdolie" besides the bathhouse there are two swimming pools: with cold and warm water.

Throughout the recreation center "Koster" are locatedwooden pavilions with barbecue facilities. They provide everything you need for a comfortable stay: skewers, wash hand basin, lighting, sockets. In total there are six gazebos. They are calculated for rest companies from 10 to 80 people.

Another administration of the recreation center offers its ownservices in the organization of various celebrations and events (for example, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate parties and so on) to 100 guests. You can do it in the form of a banquet or a buffet table.

A nice bonus for holidaymakers is that at the camp "Koster" they prepare delicious dishes. So, guests have the opportunity to order a pilaf or solyanka for a company of up to 25 people or more.

Reviews of recreation center Ā«KosterĀ» (Penza)

recreation center bonfire penza reviewsLet's list the main advantages and disadvantages of this place, marked by vacationers:

  1. The base has a very good location.
  2. The territory is well-kept and clean, a large number of garbage cans are provided to maintain order.
  3. A great place for a holiday or a holiday, designed for no more than one day.
  4. Poor water supply. Flows either cold or very hot. The head is very weak.
  5. In the cottage "Beatrice" can really accommodate a company of four people. Although the site of the recreation center indicated that the house is designed for six.
  6. It is pleasant to spend the holidays organizedthe administration of the recreation center (for example, Maslenitsa, New Year and so on). Here, not only hire a presenter, but also arrange various competitions with the drawing of valuable prizes. They also arrange a great banquet.
  7. Administrators help to implement anyidea. For example, organize a romantic evening with a second half (turn on the music, prepare champagne and fruits, decorate the house with rose petals).
  8. Pleases the opportunity to order food on the spot. Plov and hodgepodge are delicious.
  9. Pools, steam rooms, saunas - everything is clean.
  10. All the interiors of the houses are thought out to the last detail. The rooms are made in the same style and do not contain anything superfluous.
  11. If necessary, on the basis of free of charge they give out the utensils necessary for barbecue: brazier, dishes, cauldron, skewers.
  12. Coal, firewood and ignition can be bought on site.
  13. There is a separate playground for children. Animators also work.


There is a tourist camp "Koster" at the address: Penza city, Ahunsky relocation, 1. You can get there by car on the road leading to Zarechny settlement. It can be a street of Cordon Groundhog or Neutral.

There is a recreation center "Koster" around the clock.

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  • Description of recreation center Koster (Penza) Description of recreation center Koster (Penza) Description of recreation center Koster (Penza) Description of recreation center Koster (Penza) Description of recreation center Koster (Penza) Description of recreation center Koster (Penza)