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Choose needles for tattoo ...

Today it's scary to imagine, but before the appearanceModern tattoo equipment was created with sewing needles and similar devices that were sharpened from clerical paper clips and staples. Nowadays, tattoo artists use special disposable needles for tattoos and high-quality cars. Needles are made from various materials, but the most common are products made of alloy steel, platinum and nickel, although there are other options on the market.


When creating a tattoo is extremely importanttechnology of sharpening the needle. It can be faceted or round. The latter is more preferable, but with the help of faceted sharpening it is easier to draw an outline of the image.

Among the professionals popular isspecial grinding in the form of a bullet. In their opinion, such sharpening can significantly reduce the risk of injury, and also accurately deliver the pigment to a specific area of ​​the skin.

The thickness of the tattoo needle varies from 0.2 to0.4 mm. Thin products are required to create contours, and thick ones are required for shading work. Although here everything is also subjective and depends on the skills and talent of the specialist, since a good master, if necessary, will make an impeccable contour even with a thick needle.

Needles are divided into smooth and textured. Some professionals argue that the latter excessively injure the skin. Others are of the opinion that with the help of textured needles, a pigment can be introduced much more quickly. In any case, the result will depend only on personal experience. In this case, needles with a texture are more expensive than polished ones.

All needles for working with tattoo equipment can be grouped according to the principle of the device:

  • RL - 3-18 pieces in a bundle, which are arranged in a circle and are welded together. Used to form the contour of future images. Often apply 1RL (1 needle on the rod).
  • RS (3-18 pcs.) - are also called "diluted" needles, since they are arranged in two rows along a parallel principle. They are chosen for painting the picture and feathering the paint.
  • Magnum (M1 - 1-34 pieces in one row, M2 - 1-42 gt. in two rows) - are used for easy feathering and shading. Allow to provide a dense filling with a uniform application of pigment and without traumatizing the skin.
  • Round Magnum - the needles are arranged in a semicircle in two rows. The main purpose - a smooth fill.
  • Flat - placed in one row and welded very tightly to each other. Allow you to do transitions between colors and apply a halftone.
  • Round - are located in a circle freely (for filling) or tightly to each other (for contouring).
  • Single - one needle. It is characterized by the possibility of universal application.

Beginners are advised to choose the tattoo of the Magnum, RS and RL needles with a rounded sharpening. Professionals can use any type of needle depending on personal preferences.

Thin needles are better used for drawingcontours, thick - for feathering pigment. Beginners should give preference to polished needles, since only experienced tattoo artists can work correctly with textured needles. The choice of the manufacturer of tattoo needles is also determined by experience. Traditionally it is believed that expensive consumables are better, but you can always find a reasonable compromise if you study the assortment of the Internet store "Tatu Port".

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