Chippendale is a rose as a work of art

Chippendale is a rose as a work of art

Breeders never stop atachieved. No matter how many varieties of roses, they will continue to search for the ideal plant, then on its basis to try to bring out an even more beautiful view. One of the modern achievements in this area can be considered the work of the German firm Tantau. In 2005, specialists from Germany brought out a sort of semi-lobed rose and named it in honor of the manufacturer of luxury luxury furniture - Chippendale. The rose is as unusual and beautiful as the antiques of the 18th century.

chippendale rose

Description of bud

Pink bushes adorn and chic flower beds inCity parks, and modest country plots. This flower can be found where people seek to create beauty and aesthetics. Chippendale is a rose that can conquer any heart with its beauty and inimitable scent. Buds of plants have a dark orange color. The flower itself is large, on average its diameter can be about 12 cm. One rose can have 70-80 petals, such buds are called gustomahrovymi. In this case, the flower bud is not loose, but densely knocked down. One bush can simultaneously throw an inflorescence of 3-4 buds.

As bud blossoms, the bud wipes out, but at the same timeits color remains attractive. First it turns from orange into light pink, and then becomes apricot. Chippendale is a rose, capable not only to please the eye, but also to delight the sense of smell. Flowering is accompanied by a rich fruit aroma. Connoisseurs are able to catch notes of peach and mango. The aroma is very pleasant and delicate, it is absolutely not intrusive and not sharp, which allows you to put vases with buds not only in the living room, but in the bedroom.

Features of the bush

Rose Chippendale, whose description captivatesimagination, refers to a vigorous variety. The shrub can grow up to 1.3 m. The total width of the plant from several shoots can reach one meter. The leaves on the shoots are glossy and leathery. They reach a medium size and have a dark green color. The variety is resistant to fluctuations in temperature and other unfavorable climate manifestations. Repeated flowering is often abundant.

rose chippendale description

Semi-lobed shoots are resistant to typical rosesother varieties of diseases. It's about powdery mildew and black spotting. Flowers stay on the bush for several weeks, then crumble. The variety is considered frost-resistant.

Chippendale is a rose, ideal for cutting. She looks very gently in bouquets and stands in a vase for a long time.

Peculiarities of growing

For the cultivation of rose bushes of this class,choose light soils. A neutral or slightly acidic soil, which retains moisture for a long time, is suitable. The seedlings love good lighting, but they can endure penumbra.

The landing site must be protected from wind. Plants are suitable for both flowerbeds and for creating hedges. Lush buds look good near arbors and arches.

Care of the plant

Today, on many flower beds, there is a roseChippendale. Reviews about her are the most positive. But we must take into account that the flower requires regular care. The bush loves pruning. In addition, due to the high nutritional requirements, it is necessary to carry out regular top dressing.

rose chippendale reviews

When planting the soil must be enrichedorganic fertilizers, then top dressing is introduced, starting with the first pruning of the bush in the spring. Nitrogen fertilizers, potassium and nitrate are suitable for these purposes. For the season, the rose is fed up to seven times.

Those who have ever seen this flower, can not remain indifferent. A delicate bud in the form of a chic bowl looks like a work of art and attracts the eye.

For a short period of time the florists managed to grow fond of Chippendale. Rose, which is able to decorate the presence of any flower garden, simply can not but cause admiration.

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  • Chippendale is a rose as a work of art Chippendale is a rose as a work of art Chippendale is a rose as a work of art Chippendale is a rose as a work of art Chippendale is a rose as a work of art Chippendale is a rose as a work of art Chippendale is a rose as a work of art Chippendale is a rose as a work of art Chippendale is a rose as a work of art