Chicken in the oven with potatoes

Chicken in the oven with potatoes

What would such a delicious feed the family today? This question has repeatedly appeared in every mistress. Chicken in the oven with potatoes - this dish will certainly help the hostess, even if the house has only a minimum of products. We bring to your attention a few really inexpensive, but incredibly delicious recipes using chicken and vegetables.

The first recipe: a chicken in the oven with a potato

In this recipe, two cooking options: using a whole carcass and fillets.

If you do not have enough time to prepare dinner,choose the second option. In the chicken fillet the incisions are made, in which the filling is laid. It consists of finely chopped and fried carrots and onions with chopped nuts, herbs and spices. To the filling fell out of the incisions in the fillet, chop their edges with toothpicks. Then it is necessary to roll pieces of chicken fillet in batter, which is made from milk, eggs and flour. Now you need to lay the fillets in a mold, and around it, put the quartered potatoes. Chicken in the oven with potatoes baked about thirty to forty minutes. A nice addition to this hearty dish will be a light Caesar salad.

If you are preparing a festive or Sundaylunch, take the time to prepare an appetizing dish "Chicken in the oven with potatoes" entirely. To make it, you will need a whole chicken and the same ingredients as in the first, quick recipe. Only time will go a little more, since the meat should be steamed for a couple of hours in sauce. Chicken rubbed with pepper with salt, spices, herbs and lemon juice and leave to marinate. Then in the notched pockets of the carcass we put either a filling from the first recipe, or thinly sliced ​​lemon slices. Put the chicken on a greased baking tray, overlay on all sides with large-sliced ​​potatoes - and in the oven for an hour and a half.

The hen in the oven with the lemon is ready. Welcome to the family table!

Another recipe: a chicken in the oven stuffed

Let's stuff the chicken with pancakes. For this we need to take a chicken carcass, 200 grams of champignons, onions, egg, 100 grams of hard cheese, garlic, two cloves, sour cream and butter. Preliminary it is necessary to bake six pancakes.

With a washed and dried paper chicken towelwe remove the skin very carefully, to make a kind of bag, which will fill the filling. We rub this peel with salt and pepper and send it to the refrigerator.

Chicken meat is removed from the bones, so that itchop into minced meat. Peeled and chopped onions fry in butter, while not forgetting to salt it, pepper. We put it in a bowl and start to mushroom. In the same frying pan, where the onion was roasted, let the creamy oil, washed and finely chopped mushrooms, be peppered and seasoned.

Ready onions and champignons add to the chickenminced meat, drive in the egg, salt again and pepper, and then very carefully mix. This stuffing is laid out on pancakes, sprinkle on top with cheese, chopped on a fine grater, and turn off tightly into rolls.

We take the skin from the refrigerator and tightlywe put inside pancake rolls. The neck and abdomen are stitched with toothpicks or sewed with threads. To not burn the legs and wings, and the chicken itself has acquired a more aesthetic and compact appearance, we tie these parts of the bird with threads. Do not forget to make a pair of punctures on the chicken with a toothpick, a fork or a skewer. With a mixture of crushed garlic and sour cream, we smear the carcass and send it to the oven, heated to 180 ° C, for one hour on a baking sheet, pre-lubricated with butter. Chilled in the fridge for five hours, the chicken is then cut into plates and laid out on a plate.

Any of the given recipes of the dish "Chicken in the oven with potatoes" is good in its own way. Fantaziruyte, becoming at the stove, and your loved ones will be grateful to you for a variety and nutritious food.

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  • Chicken in the oven with potatoes Chicken in the oven with potatoes Chicken in the oven with potatoes Chicken in the oven with potatoes Chicken in the oven with potatoes Chicken in the oven with potatoes Chicken in the oven with potatoes