Characters and actors: Dance Academy

Characters and actors: "Dance Academy"

Australian Youth TV Series"Academy of Dance" produced by Werner Film Productions since its release in 2010, managed to win the hearts of millions of viewers around the world. In 2012, the TV project was awarded the Australian Academy of Film and Television Arts Award as the best children's television series. To participate in it selected the dance-knowing actors. "Dance Academy" is a series, the story of which tells about ambitious young people who dream to reach the heights of dance art. The performers of the main roles had to cope with the choreography of the best Australian directors. Not surprisingly, the film is filled not only with romantic relationships, but also with beautiful dance compositions. Therefore, the television series "Dance Academy" (actors and their roles will be listed below) deserves special attention.Actors "Dance Academy"

Tara Webster

The main character of the television series is fifteenTara - grew up on a farm in the Australian outback. As a very young girl, she began to dance and dreamed of becoming a famous dancer. After entering the National Dance Academy, a naive and romantic girl was sure that all difficulties were over, and a wonderful and exciting life awaits. Very soon, Tara realized that the trials were just beginning. In the academy, she expected intrigues and rivalry, but love, friendship and dancing were saved.

The main character of the television series Tara is youngAustralian actress Ksenia Goodwin. Like many other actors of the series "Dance Academy", she just started her way into the world of art. During the filming of the first season she was fifteen years old. Dance art Ksenia studied at the classical academy Tanya Pearson, she studied ballet skills at the academy Valerie Jenkins. Work in the TV project was the beginning of the acting career of Goodwin, and in 2015 she got the leading female role in the comedy "Cut, choose.""Dance Academy": Actors and roles

Alicia Benite

Soksnitsa and Tara's best friend - Kat Karamakov. An ambitious personality. Her mother is a famous ballerina. Constant comparison with the famous parent irritates the girl. Do not add tranquility and half-brother Ethan Karamakov - handsome and heartthrob, in which almost all the girls of the academy are in love, and her friend Tara as well.

Kat plays Alicia Benet, who is beautifulowns the art of dance, as well as other actors involved in the series. "Dance Academy" is not the first television project by Alicia Benet. The actress played a secondary role in the three seasons of the series "Neighbors" in 2006. And also in the first season of the series "A very hot summer" (2007). Since 2010, is the leading TV show on ABC3.

Abigail Armstrong

A friend of Tara and Kate, who for a time became their enemy anda headache. However, everything changes, and after a while the girls became friends again. And the beautiful Ebigail finally paid attention to their mutual friend Sammy.

The role of Abigail was performed by an Australian actress anddancer Dena Kaplan. A native of South Africa, from the family of actors and musicians. As a professional dancer and singer, Ebigail took part in the Australian production of the musical "The Lion King". Her first television work was a secondary role in the series "Scooter: The Secret Agent" in 2005. And in 2013 she got one of the leading roles in the TV movie "Camp".Actors of the series "Dance Academy"

Sammy Lieberman

Friend Kat, then became friends with Tara. Contrary to his father's will, he wants to become a professional dancer, which leads to a family quarrel. His father tried to force him to quit the academy, to send him to study in a medical college. A talented but modest guy is in love with Abigail, but she does not immediately respond to his feelings.

The role of Sammy went to the dancer and actor ThomasGreen. After the role of Kip in the television series "Camp" has gained popularity, like other actors involved in the project. "Dance Academy" was for Thomas a new round in his acting career, and in 2015 he received a major male role in the film "Down the River".

Christian Reed

A guy with a difficult fate, after the death of his mother withdrew into himself and constantly got into trouble. Became a friend of Ethan and Ethan. Love for Tara changes it.

The role of Christian was performed by Jordan Rodriguez. This Australian actor, singer and dancer gained fame due to the role of the young Simba in the musical "The Lion King"."Dance Academy"

In conclusion, it should be added that all three seasonsthe series turned out to be very bright and rich in events, a poet to list all the interesting characters is difficult. In addition, the shooting of a feature film on the basis of a popular TV series began. It will involve the same actors. "Dance Academy: Return" is scheduled for release in March 2017.

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  • Characters and actors: Dance Academy Characters and actors: Dance Academy Characters and actors: Dance Academy Characters and actors: Dance Academy Characters and actors: Dance Academy