Chain of restaurants Pizza Hut (Pizza Hut): reviews, addresses, menu

Chain of restaurants Pizza Hut ("Pizza Hut"): reviews, addresses, menu

Along with a large number of network institutionsfast food is very popular in our country and "Pizza Hut". Reviews about this institution are different: from enthusiastic to negative. However, to make up your mind about the pizzeria, it is better to visit it once than to read what others think of it.

Brand History

The founders of the network, students of the stateUniversity of Kansas, the brothers Carney (Frank and Den), decided to combine their training with business development. Therefore, they decided to open their own pizzeria, because this format of institutions in their homeland was not very common. The boys borrowed from their mother a relatively large amount for those times and rented a room for a restaurant for 25 people.

Pizza Hut reviewsAbove the entrance to the institution the sign was sosmall, that the name needed to come up short. So the brand Pizza Hut was born, it was "hut" that called huts or huts in English, and the structure looked like it looked like it. The opening of the restaurant took place in 1958.


Success did not take long. Already in the year of opening the institution began to bring at least $ 500 per week. This was a real triumph for the creators of the brand "Pizza Hut". Reviews about the new cafe began to spread, it gave rise to the opening of new restaurants. Initially, all of them were styled for a small room in the form of a hut, this tradition is still alive, especially in the establishments of the brand in the United States.

Pizza hutIn 1968, opened the first institution Pizza Hutoutside of America, in Canada, very soon it became "legislative" in the market of network restaurants selling pizza. In the early 70's the company became public, and by the end of the same decade it was acquired by the corporation PepsiCo. She also owns such fast-food chains as KFC and TacoBell.

In Russia

One of the first fast food chains thatopened in our country after the collapse of the USSR, was "Pizza Hut". Moscow took a new restaurant in the distant 1990. In the advertising of the cafe for television, even Mikhail Gorbachev starred.

Pizza Hut MoscowEven in our time, this brand is the key to the fact that the client will be able to enjoy aromatic American pizza and will quickly serve it.

Kitchen features

Regardless of the geography of the institution, the atmosphere inpizzeria will always be laid-back, the interior is decorated in traditional tones of an olive-green hue, light background music plays. As in many other networks, there are own standards relating to the kitchen and staff at Pizza Hut.

The menu of the cafe in many ways resembles the Italian. But the main difference from it is a thick American dough typical for American cuisine, crusty crust and strongly fried. Also there are a large number of components that you can choose for the filling. This and bacon, and chicken barbecue and much more.

For children

Now a lot of these people who are in freetime or for lunch like to visit the restaurant "Pizza Hut". The testimonies testify that he is very fond of both family visitors, and single and friendly companies.

If you decide to have fun and do not want toTo lose it on reservation of tables in refined restaurants with complex kitchen, then visit the nearest pizzeria of this network. And if you come with children, then for kids there is everything you need:

  • children's menu;
  • corner with supplies for drawing and more.

Variety of pizza

In this institution can be inexpensive, but at the same timetasty and quick to eat. What variety can you taste in Pizza Hut? The menu of the restaurant consists of 16 types of favorite dishes. At your request, you can choose a pizza on a thin or thick dough and to your taste, collect its stuffing. You can cook it for you big or small.

Pizza hut menuComponents of some dishes are:

  • Suprim - this pizza includes ingredients such as onions, mushrooms, green pepper, beef and mushrooms.
  • Peperoni - Italian sausages, mozzarella cheese and special sauce.
  • Salami - fragrant salami, tomato sauce, cheese.

There is a restaurant and a menu for vegetarians, as well as a salad bar.

And when you do not have time to visit the institution itself, you can call and ask that you bring home an order from the cafe "Pizza Hut". You can find the delivery number on the site by selecting your city from the menu.

Addresses in the Northern capital

Where in this city can you taste dishes from "Pizza Hut".

Pizza Hut SpbSPb - addresses of institutions are:

  • Nevsky prospect, 96;
  • Prospect Chernyshevsky, 17;
  • IN. Middle Avenue, 36/40;
  • street Savushkina, 141 ("Mercury");
  • Peat road, 7 ("Gulliver");
  • Kamennoostrovsky avenue, 37 (Petrogradskaya metro station);
  • Prospect Kolomyazhsky, 18, building number 2 (Ramstore, m. Pionerskaya);
  • Moskovsky prospect, 222 (metro Moskovskaya);
  • Prospekt Bolshevikov, house 9, building 1, letter A;
  • Street Gorokhovaya, 71/16 (metro Sadovaya).

Delivery and Feedback

Order from the nearest restaurant network "Pizza Hut" (St. Petersburg) can be from 9 am to 9 pm. For an hour you will bring a fresh dish hot. This pizza will retain its incredible flavor and taste.

If we talk about the feedback of residents of St. Petersburgabout this institution, they are different. In many respects the opinion of the visitor depends on what kind of restaurant they visited. So, some of them say that they liked the service and food at Petrogradskaya, but at Pionerskaya in the "Capitol" - at all.

Advantages and disadvantages (Peter)

What are the pros and cons, according to Petrograders, there is a cafe "Pizza Hut"? Reviews of residents of the city indicate such positive points:

  • quality service;
  • politeness;
  • fast service;
  • a varied menu;
  • the presence of a highchair and coloring with pencils.

Cons also present:

  • in some establishments there is a long wait for the order;
  • sometimes bring a cold pizza;
  • much more.

Pizza hut addressesAs you can see, it all depends on whichthe institution of the city you have fallen and on whom of the employees. Naturally, if one or another waiter behaves incorrectly in relation to visitors, and complaints constantly come to him, he will not work for a long time, because the network takes care of his positive image and reputation. And this applies not only to Peter, but also to other cities in the country where there are restaurants of the network "Pizza Hut".

Moscow: addresses of cafes in the capital

Of course, here the restaurants of this network, as well as others, present on the Russian market are the most. Try delicious pizza in the capital at such addresses:

  • Vavilov Street, 3;
  • highway Golovinskoye, possession of 5;
  • travel Bagrationovsky, 6;
  • Baumanskaya street 48;
  • Leningrad avenue, 80, building № 19;
  • Leninsky prospect, 68/10;
  • Leninsky Sloboda street, 17, building 2;
  • MKAD, 84 km;
  • Prospect Mira, 123a;
  • street Mikhalkovskaya, 4;
  • Mitinskaya Street, 51;
  • Prishvina Street, 3;
  • travel Petrovsko-Razumovsky, 16;
  • Spartakovskaya Street 24, Building 2;
  • Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 17;
  • Cherepovetskaya Street, 12;
  • Yartsevskaya Street, 19.

These are the places where you can taste dishes from "Pizza Hut" in Moscow. The addresses of many establishments are located near the metro, so it will not be difficult to find them.

Features of Moscow restaurants

The assortment of dishes in the cafe "Pizza Hut" in Moscow is very huge. Their main "chip" is a branded sauce. It prepares pizza, it includes ingredients such as:

  • greenery;
  • ham;
  • mushrooms;
  • Red onion.

But if you want to eat something different in this cafe, then the menu has such positions as:

  • delicious salads;
  • closed crispy pies with a crust;
  • paste;
  • other traditional Italian dishes.

Shipping and contact information

The main "chip" network "Pizza Hut" in relation todelivery - this is what your favorite dishes you get almost instantly and in a hot form. Many services are guilty of the fact that customers get ordered already cold. But here the pizza will be as fresh and hot as if you were in a restaurant, and it was just pulled out of the oven.

To learn more about the delivery and features of the network, call 8-800-100-19-58.

As for the restaurants themselves, they are openup to 23 hours, you can go here even late at night, if after the party you were left hungry. Full information about the menu and current prices for dishes can be seen on the official site

Reviews of restaurants in Moscow

The metropolitan public is very demanding, because the choicethe establishments are very large. Only pizzerias in Moscow are large. Against this background, you need to offer a quality product, so that visitors do not complain and do not go to competitors.

Pizza hut delivery numberReviews of the establishments Pizza Hut in the capital are availabledifferent ones, both negative and positive. There are customers who complain that the order needs to wait more than two hours, and the couriers behave extremely rude. Others note that they received their pizza after half an hour after the call.

There are complaints about unreasonable for the networkthe cost of food, but they are not always objective. According to other customers, the prices are quite acceptable and fully correspond to the quality of pizza and other positions in the cafe menu.

Unlike many other fast networksfood, in Pizza Hut offer beer. This is also seen by a number of visitors as an advantage, and they are coming here, and not, for example, McDonald's, which adheres to the non-alcohol policy.

"Pizza Hut" is present in Russia enoughlong and already loved the people of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities. People are confident in the quality of the product and its freshness. There is a pleasant atmosphere, which makes it possible to have a good time in any company.

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  • Chain of restaurants Pizza Hut (Pizza Hut): reviews, addresses, menu Chain of restaurants Pizza Hut (Pizza Hut): reviews, addresses, menu Chain of restaurants Pizza Hut (Pizza Hut): reviews, addresses, menu Chain of restaurants Pizza Hut (Pizza Hut): reviews, addresses, menu Chain of restaurants Pizza Hut (Pizza Hut): reviews, addresses, menu