Bunin, Cuckoo: a short story

Bunin, "Cuckoo": a short story

The greatest master of prose and a talented lyricist - soI. Bunin is characterized in Russian literature. "Cuckoo" - a summary of the chapters given below - one of the early stories of the writer, in which the author of a close-up depicts a man from the people.

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1 chapter. New guard

On the evening of February, they approached the lodge in the forestshedding. An old man came out of them, dressed in a worn outcoat and hat. In his hands he held a cat with a rooster, followed by two dogs. It was an old soldier, nicknamed Cuckoo. He flooded the stove, cooked potatoes. Not hurrying, but hungrily ate. Then he climbed the stove and covered himself with his greatcoat. Cuckoo felt happy: finally he appeared, albeit briefly - the master appointed him a guard in the woods - a house, a meal. He knew very well what it means to wrestle, so he was happy with the small one, Bunin said.

"Cuckoo": a short summary of 2 chapters

Somehow the old man went to ask for money. At the moment when the master left the room, his two sons entered. They spoke to the Cuckoo. They began to ask about the dogs, told about the tricks of Gypsy - the dog sent with the old man to the guardhouse. We went to the hunt, and the Cuckoo promised to bring the cubs to the boys - he had recently seen their mother near his house.

The old man returned cheerfully to the forest. He was adopted, that's why he received such a nickname. From childhood I was hired for work. After the service he married, but his family did not work. From a young age he considered himself to be disadvantaged, dissolute, and this conviction made him a lazy, irritable nonsense. This characteristic gives the hero of the story "Cuckoo" Bunin. The brief content of his bitter life shines off the happiness that he felt when living in the guardhouse.

cuckoo bunin

Chapter 3. In Search of the Wolves

It was the beginning of April. Coming back from the detour, Cuckoo saw a she-wolf. He decided that she must have already grown up. In the evenings the old man listened to the sounds, hoping to find out where her lair was. But everything was in vain. Finally, at dawn, Cuckoo decided to go to the ravine himself. And he was lucky: two wolves were bustling about the stones. The old man put them in a sack and went to the master.

The boys were delighted. And the Cuckoo long told how he caught the cubs. Joyful, returned to the guardhouse, where he was already waiting for the clerk. It turned out that during the absence of the Cuckoo in the forest, the trees were cut down. Now we had to answer for this.

cuckoo bunin

Bunin, "Cuckoo": a summary of 4 chapters

About two weeks later the master arrived. All these days Cuckoo was pretending to be sick and now complained that his clerk nearly killed him. The owner promised to send a new guard, and the old man was allowed to stay in the house while he was still alive. By the summer Cuckoo again went through the villages and once he was at the house of the master.

The boys were very happy and told him thatone wolf cub died. The other did not eat anything and was thin. "We must let him go," the old man suggested. On the way to the pit, the boys began to question the hero about his life, Bunin continues. Cuckoo - a brief summary of the conversation is given - noted that neither the family nor the house he does not. That work is hard to find. When the bards offered assistance, he only asked to take two shirts from his father. And he added that he would freeze in the winter, so he would have something to bury.

The wolf was released, and the old man followedhim into the forest. And in the winter his prophecy came true, Bunin writes. The cuckoo, the short story of which you read, was found dead near the lodge, where he happily spent three months of his life about a year ago.

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