Bucharest - the capital of Romania

Bucharest - the capital of Romania

Bucharest (the capital of modern Romania) hasrich history. Already at the time of the Paleolithic, its territory was inhabited by people. But the history of the city itself began to be traced only in the 14th century. There is a legend about where Bucharest came from. The capital of modern Romania allegedly arose thanks to the shepherd Bakur in the 14th century. According to legend, she grazed sheep at these ends, then built a church there around which the village grew up. But this is just one of the options for how the capital of Romania arose. Moreover, finally the main city of the country Bucharest became in 1881, after numerous wars and conquests.

bucharest capitalSpeaking of the 20th century,Major wars the country took the side of Germany. But do not be sad. It is better to recall what in the 19th century Bucharest was called "Little Paris". After all, the capital of France for local architects has become a kind of style standard. In the late 19 - early 20 centuries. in Bucharest rebuilt the district, which was called "Old Town". Here ancient traditions successfully combine with western trends. The triumphal arch in the city was erected in 1922. Unfortunately, the appearance of the capital was badly damaged during the Romanian presidency of Nicolae Ceausescu in the second half of the 20th century. Then many old buildings, churches and so on were demolished. It was in those days that the Parliament Palace was built. This huge building is recognized as the largest administrative structure in the world. It has more than a thousand cabinets, above the ground it rises to 86 meters, and deep into 92. The interior decoration of the building is amazing: thousands of tons of crystal, a huge amount of marble, bronze and so on were used for the construction.

bucharest the capital of romaniaNow Bucharest is the capital of Romania, in itabout nine percent of the population of the whole country. The city provides more than 14 percent of the state's GDP. Here the mass of the enterprises of the metal-working industry, food, chemical, machine-building. In addition, with the infrastructure in Bucharest, too, everything is in order.

Almost two million people live here. And one of the main activities is tourism. Travelers will not mind staying in this amazing city to get acquainted with its sights. The climate contributes to this: the winter here is not too cold, in the summer - not very hot. The city is located at the intersection of trade and transport routes.

Bucharest what country capital

Attracts thousands of tourists to the magical Bucharest. Which country's capital can boast of such a number of attractions? You can visit the above-mentioned Parliament Palace, impressed by its power, walk along Uniria Square, Victory Street, look at the Arc de Triomphe, go to the National Art Museum, Cismigiu Park and so on. For history lovers, Bucharest (the capital of Romania) is just a gift. There are a lot of museums and places that literally breathe old times.

Here you can also meet people who professabsolutely different religious beliefs: Orthodoxy, Islam, Catholicism. The locals are friendly and hospitable, so the impressions of the rest in Romania will be the brightest.

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  • Bucharest - the capital of Romania Bucharest - the capital of Romania Bucharest - the capital of Romania Bucharest - the capital of Romania Bucharest - the capital of Romania Bucharest - the capital of Romania