Bread is lean. Unleavened lean bread. Recipes

Bread is lean. Unleavened lean bread. Recipes

People strictly adhering to church instructionsfor the time of the prescribed fast, can not be sure that the bread bought in the store is lean. Even if there is an appropriate label on the label, it is quite possible that something snappy came from the ingredients. In order not to violate the rules by accident, you will have to bake your own lenten bread - in the oven, bread maker or multivariate, depending on what your kitchen is equipped with. Since the usual stove, gas or electric, is found in any house, we start with the recipes for the oven.bread is lean

Bread white, lean

A little secret for getting more magnificent andtasty result: instead of half a liter of warm water, take the same volume of potato broth (of course, potatoes should not be brewed "in uniforms"). Fresh yeast, a third of the standard pack, a spoonful of salt and two sugar are bred in it. When all the spilled will dissolve, two spoons of lean oil pour in and pour in flour - roughly about a kilogram until the dough ceases to be sticky. Mixed, it is covered with a napkin and put in heat for two hours, for "approach", after which the dough is divided into four flattened balls and stands for another forty minutes. Such a lean bread in the oven should stay until smooth tan, how much - depends on your oven. Drawn, he wraps himself in a heated towel and cools it to keep the splendor. And tomorrow your lean bread will become even more delicious. Many people think that fresh is the best, but in this case it is not so.lean bread recipe

Multi-grain bread

Very tasty is a lean rye bread withwheat flour and additives of other cereals. First, in a half cup of warm water, a spoonful of dry yeast with a spoonful of sugar is bred. In the remaining water (still a glass), a spoon of honey dissolves. One third of a kilogram of wheat and half the amount of rye flour are sieved and mixed with a spoonful of salt, oat bran, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and flakes - buckwheat and oatmeal (in total take two spoons). Two and a half spoonfuls of olive oil are pouring into the same place. Finally, yeast and water with honey are added. The dough is kneaded, a ball is formed, which is put in a container, covered and the hour is settled in the warmth. Then it is divided into three equal parts, each rolls into a ball or loaf, is covered with a cloth and fits another half an hour. Baked bread is about forty minutes, after wrapped in parchment and a towel. After cooling, this lean bread can be eaten immediately.lean bread in the oven


Greek Christians also bake lean bread. Its recipe is different from the way we are used and the way it is prepared, and the ingredients. In a glass of water for five minutes anise is cooked. Then it is filtered, and the broth cools. Almost half a kilo of flour is sieved, mixed with two spoons of dry yeast, two large spoons of sugar. In the hole in the center of the pile are poured two spoons of lean oil (of course, preference is best given to the olive). The dough is kneaded with a gradual addition of aniseed broth (do not pour everything in, just not to stick); at the very end, a spoonful of salt is poured. After an hour of standing, the dough is rolled into two flat cakes, they are laid out on a baking tray and uncovered for about a third of an hour. Before placing in the oven, the lagana surface is smeared with the remains of anise water and sprinkled with sesame seeds. The Greek bread is baked for 45 minutes in a medium-heated oven. The color of the lagoon should turn out juicy-brown, and the crust must crunch!

Honey-ginger variant

If you have new kitchenadaptations, the baking process is much simpler: preparing a lean bread in a multivark is much less troublesome than in an oven. For everything the miracle device answers. You can cook the most primitive loaves, but if there is a possibility, why not treat yourself. We propose to bake a lean bread, the recipe of which will please not only the tender flesh of the finished baking, but also with a wonderful aroma and original taste. 180 ml (incomplete glass) of water is poured into the bread form, a mustard spoonful and half a glass of liquid natural honey is poured, a spoonful of salt and a quarter of it - ground ginger. Nearly three glasses of sifted flour and a teaspoon of dry yeast are poured over. The bowl is put in the multivark, the "baguette" mode is selected, the weight of the baking will be half a kilogram. Cool lean bread should be left in the bowl. But for the right to try your loved ones first!lean bread in the bread maker

Onion bread

Another unusual lean bread in the multivark. Two bulbs can be minced more finely and gilded with very little oil. While they cool, half a liter of heated water dissolves salt with sugar - on a tablespoon. Flour is poured down; its total weight is a kilogram, when three quarters are already intervene, a package of dry yeast is poured. When approaching the end of the mixing, onions and spices are added (for example, Provence herbs). The dough should rise for half an hour. Then the bowl of the multivarka is smeared with lean oil, dough is put into it, and the heating is turned on, for another half an hour, so that the dough rises again. After the mode is changed to baking, the time is put on the hour. Zapiskit - almost ready bread lean turns over, and the multivariate starts in the same mode, but for 50 minutes.lean bread in the multivariate

Bread white on brine

Those who have already bought a bread maker, God himself orderedbake bread bake yourself. Even kneading you should not bother, since the device will do everything for you - is not this a temptation! We are not going to describe how the simplest lean bread is cooked in a bread maker: those who have mastered this miracle technique, and they already know the details of the process. Let's pay more attention to unusual recipes. For brine bread in the form are loaded:

  • one and a half cup brine (suitable and tomato, and cucumber, and watermelon and cabbage);
  • two tablespoons of lean oil;
  • three cups of sifted flour;
  • half a spoonful of salt and a full spoonful of sugar;
  • one and a half spoons of fast yeast.

Sequence of loading is better checked withinstruction - in different models there may be nuances. The "Russian Chef" mode (or "Basic", or "French roll" - depends on what is provided in your bread maker). After disconnecting the apparatus, the loaf is left, wrapped and cooled "in clothes".lean bread without yeast

German bread

The recipe from Germany allows you to cook unusually tasty lean bread in the bread maker. For him in the device are pawned and poured:

  1. A glass and three quarters of coffee. In the original, it is brewed, but replacement by soluble is permissible.
  2. A glass of bran. Which is left to your discretion.
  3. A glass with a third wheat flour. Do not forget to sift!
  4. Two glasses of rye and also sifted.
  5. Two spoons of salt.
  6. Two tablespoons of sunflower (can be another vegetable) oil. Many praise the use of corn in this recipe.
  7. A quarter of a glass of cocoa in powder.
  8. Two spoons of cumin. As always, clarifications are possible: if you think this bread is lean too spicy, you can reduce the amount.
  9. Two and a quarter spoons of yeast.

Choose the mode "Wheat bread" (and do not let it bother you that it is mixed in real life). In most models, this mode takes four hours - but you are at that time free!lean rye bread

Lenten bread without yeast

There are people who believe that yeast in the post-component is superfluous when baking bread. In principle, you can do without them. But keep in mind: lean bread without yeast needs leaven. Without it you will get hard and dull cakes. A leaven is not a day or two. If you are ready for such deeds, get down to business. Slightly warmed to 36 g. water is poured into a liter jar. There, the sifted rye flour (glass) is poured out and well mixed - there should be no lumps. The neck is covered with gauze and fixed with an elastic band. The bank is put in heat: at least 25 degrees, and the temperature should not vary. After two days, another half a cup of water is added to the jar and a glass of flour is poured. And a day later, the leaven is ready. In the dough it takes only two spoons, water is poured in and now wheat flour is poured in - as in the usual yeast test. The main difference is that it is not an hour, not two, but a full day to get up the dough on leaven. So it should be well wrapped and not touched - otherwise it will fall off. Baked lean bread without yeast is similar to yeast.

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  • Bread is lean. Unleavened lean bread. Recipes Bread is lean. Unleavened lean bread. Recipes Bread is lean. Unleavened lean bread. Recipes Bread is lean. Unleavened lean bread. Recipes Bread is lean. Unleavened lean bread. Recipes Bread is lean. Unleavened lean bread. Recipes Bread is lean. Unleavened lean bread. Recipes Bread is lean. Unleavened lean bread. Recipes