Bicycle Review Orbea

Bicycle Review Orbea

In our society has long been relevanttransport question. Moreover, it is such not only for ordinary citizens of the country, but also for politicians, officials and so on. In Europe, bicycles are used to solve this problem. They perfectly help to cope with traffic jams. It should be noted that the government often gives cyclists greater privileges in comparison with pedestrians and drivers. The well-known brand Orbea, whose name is directly associated with high-quality and reliable bicycles, received many well-deserved positive comments.

About company

Orbea is considered one of the largest among thosecompanies that create bicycles and accessories for them. The manufacturer was founded in 1840. Then the firm was a small family business. She produced small arms. Already at the beginning of the 20th century bicycle production was established. After the end of the crisis, in 1971, the company became a cooperative company.

bicycle orbea

At the moment, she specializes in creatingvarious bicycles, as well as sports equipment, accessories. The main office is located in Maliavia. Immediately there is the main plant for the production of models. There are several other factories: in China, Portugal. According to recent data, the company receives about 75 million euros a year. If we talk about employees, then 280 employees work on the creation of bicycles. The region where the headquarters is located is considered to be a priority in the country. The fact is that he became responsible for the popularization of cycling. After extensive publicity, more than 1,500 clubs opened in Spain.

Who cares for bicycles?

Today the company produces excellent bicyclesOrbea, which differ from each other not only in design, but also in the field of application. Thanks to the extensive model range, each person will be able to find the right option for himself. Distinguish the following types of bicycles: mountain without / with shock absorbers, professional transport for the highway, children, universal, urban, recreational, triathlon.

children's bike orbea

It should be noted that the manufacturer alsois engaged in the production of special equipment for athletes. Including bicycle helmets, costumes and other items are sold. Thus, any person, regardless of gender and age, will be able to fully complete the purchased bicycle. Due to the optimal characteristics, you can choose the right model at an affordable price.


Cost for conventional and folding bicycles Orbeacompletely depends on the place of production. Those that were assembled in the factories of Spain and Portugal, will have a price tag, depending on the components and the scope of transport. The minimum cost of a mountain bike is $ 200. The maximum is 3 thousand conventional units. Experts advise when buying to pay attention to the functions that are embedded in the bike. If a person does not use any of them, then do not overpay.

Bicycle for baby

Children's bike model Orbea MX 20 Dirtis considered the most optimal for those who grow no more than 140 and not less than 120 cm. The transport is made of aluminum, which made it possible to create a structure that is less severe. The bike has 7 speed settings, the wheels got a diameter of 20 inches. The basis was not only an aluminum frame, but also hinged parts, which are also high-quality.

folding bike orbea

Bicycle type: child, teen, suitable for both girls and boys. Although the range of growth is from 120 to 140 cm, the optimum is considered to be 135 cm. The hand brake is installed in front, the foot brake is in the rear. You can adjust the height of both the steering wheel and the seat. Built-in velopodnozhka. The total weight of the bicycle is 10 kg. The frame is 10 inches in size. Every child and teenager will not refuse to ride this bicycle. A walk on it in the park or forest will be as comfortable as possible. In addition, it is equipped with a comfortable seat.

Orbea Boulevard

This model is produced for women. This is evidenced by the corresponding frame and other details. The bike is perfect for use in urban conditions, in parks, squares and so on. It is popular in connection with maximum comfort. The frame is made of aluminum. Due to the fact that this is the main component of the bicycle, no additional gravity is created. Bike Orbea reviews gets good. Owners say that it has wheels with a diameter of 28 inches, brakes of the same type, there are 7 speed regimes. Presented as road transport.

bicycle orbea reviews

The advantages include the presence of a rigid plug. It is made of solid steel. The bike allows the rider to perfectly feel the road and easily move around even in hard-to-reach places. Due to the fact that there are seven speeds, movement is much easier. Such a vehicle is enough to drive with pleasure in the forest, the park and any other not mountainous terrain. The brakes are made by the manufacturer. The diameter of the wheels is non-standard for walking bicycles, but with their help it will be easy to overcome the curbs.

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