Beautiful crafts for interior decoration

Beautiful crafts for interior decoration

Gathering in the search engines "Crafts for the interior with their own hands," you are faced with such a huge selection of design ideas that your eyes run? So what can be created without possessing special skills so that it’s not very expensive, beautiful, functional?
And then there is spring outside! There are days when the hands themselves are trying to renew the surrounding space, change the habitual, following the rhythms of nature. It often happens that our means and capabilities are limited, and we are eager to bring something bright and unusual into everyday life, to please friends, a loved one, relatives with unique, beautiful and useful new things, and having invested a piece of our own heat in the object. What then can be done?

The perfect solution are crafts for the interior. They are functional, emphasize the individuality of the author and owner of the thing, meet the tastes of the owner of the thing, arouse the admiration of others. Below you will find inspirational ideas for creating handicrafts for the interior.

Types of crafts

You need to decide on the purpose of the decor that you are going to do: who, where, why they will use it.

Panel of origami from colored triangles

Based on this knowledge, then the relevant style and materials for the manufacture of crafts are selected.

Interior crafts can be divided into types, for convenience:

  1. By appointment: myself, as a gift (to whom?), For children, for pets.
  2. According to the place of use: an apartment or a cottage, a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom or a hallway, and maybe it is a gift to a colleague in the office. A clear representation of this item before starting work will help determine the style and materials.
  3. According to the function: storage (containers, stands, hooks), just decorative elements (panels, paintings, frames, sculptures), textiles (create softness, comfort, warmth, noise insulation: mats, pillows, furniture capes, tablecloths, curtains), lighting (lamps, candlesticks, lampshades), etc.
  4. According to the materials used: from fabrics, threads, jute, stones, shells, paper, wood, etc.
  5. According to the method of decoration or manufacturing: painting using different colors and techniques, weaving, assembly, mosaic, decoupage, papier-mâché, embroidery, knitting, sewing, applique, mixed technique.

Wine Bottle Candle Holders

Having answered for yourself with the help of these 5 points, what exactly you would like to do, for a start, you can choose your favorite version of home interior crafts, from those presented below. Make sure that you have all the necessary materials and start to work!

Cup of disposable spoons

Crafts, alterations

Household items tend to be refreshed and decorated using paints, brushes, glue, rhinestones, eggshells, buttons, and other items available.
For example, from an old vase, bottles, jars, boxes, you can create original decorations for your home by painting them with colors, pouring colored sand into transparent containers, decorating them with jute rope or decorative cord.

Colored vases of thick thread
Before this thing should be primed. If the can or bottle is transparent - consider the use of stained glass paints, you may end up with a very original vase or a Tiffany style lamp shade.

Crafts for the interior of fabric, thread

Do not know how to embroider, knit and sew on a typewriter pattern? It does not matter, not only in these ways you can make a decor object that radiates comfort, softness and warmth.

Cover from old clothes

For example, everyone, even the smallest home designers (with the help of adults), can make creative rugs, rugs, pillows, seat covers, decorative flowers or a toy of pompons.


  • knitting yarn or yarn, best soft, synthetic: acrylic, polyamide, lycra. Choose medium, thick, fluffy or bulk threads (from 100 to 370 m / g). Pay attention to the yarn with an interesting structure and color: terry, ribbon, gradient, melange. Consider the color combination of your decor, pattern, shape;
  • needle with a thick eye;
  • the basis, it is very convenient to use a plastic mesh, but any mesh fabric will work, you can also knit the mesh yourself by crocheting with crocheted columns. Fabric for the bottom of the base;
  • scissors;
  • cardboard.

Pompom mat

Cut a circle from the cardboard (or 2) with a hole in the center. Thread the cardboard circle tightly, pulling the thread from the center to the edge, and moving the cardboard circle back to the center in 2-4 layers. Then cut with scissors the wound yarn along the outer circumference of the cardboard circle (it is more convenient to cut when there are two circles - cutting between them). Remove the cardboard and tie the resulting bundle of threads in the middle, flatten the pom-pom. Continue to make pompons in the same way in the required amount.

Making a pom-pom with cardboard
Instead of cardboard circles, you can wind the thread on the fork around the outer teeth, then fasten the thread around the winding between the middle teeth and cut it from the side parts of the fork.
After all these manipulations, you need to sew the balls to the base, rather tightly and evenly. Here you need to show imagination - to create a geometric pattern, a smooth transition of colors or leave the product monotonous.

Multi-colored rug made of pompons
Connect the fabric for the lower part with the base, gently sew along the edges with a connecting stitch.
From pompons create beautiful murals, paintings and frames.

Panel of pompons

Crafts for the interior of stones, glass, mirrors, shells

Excellent stylish crafts for the interior with their own hands for the hallway, bathroom, kitchen can be made using solid materials.

Panel of pebbles

A broken mirror, glass, beautiful crockery like mosaic, decorated vases, various boxes-caskets, wall mirrors, frames, panels, as well as countertops. Perfect for this is suitable and special small mosaic, sold on Chinese websites and in hardware stores. Consider a method of making a mosaic frame for a mirror.

Picture with pebbles


  • plywood or chipboard;
  • PVA glue or liquid nails, special glue for tiles;
  • forceps or tongs / pliers - if you need to move the pieces of the mosaic planted on the glue;
  • gypsum tile grout or plaster / tile adhesive;
  • spatula (applying grout, but you can also finger in the signet);
  • cloth / sponge to remove excess glue, grout
  • mosaic or glass, ceramics, a chipped mirror (or small round mirrors), seashells;
  • if decorative elements are heavy (like large seashells, starfishes, etc.), you will need a reinforcing layer of a special adhesive tape or mesh;
  • sealant or putty to fill voids (to protect from dust).

Round frame for a seashell mirror

First, you better draw a sketch, how the mosaic parts will be arranged in order to clearly know what pattern you will need to lay out with what colors. Geometric, it will be a pattern, vegetative, animal, abstract, or you will want to lay out a mosaic of flowers. Cut out with a jigsaw from the base (or leave the piece as it is, if it suits you in size and shape) a circle or a rectangle of the required parameters.

Mosaic mirror frames
Glue the mirror on liquid nails or special glue to the base. Around the appropriate glue to plant parts of the selected decorative elements: broken mirror, pieces of mosaic, seashells in the intended order. After drying, wipe the gaps between the elements, remove the excess with a cloth.After drying, fill the voids gently with sealant or putty.

Frame for mirrors of cars

Wicker crafts

This includes macrame, beadwork, rattan, weaving leaves, rogoza, paper - twisted newspapers. The latter method is one of the most affordable, and it turns out really beautiful and stylish things for the home, and even useful ones.

Counterfeit stroller woven paper

So, from newspaper tubes one can weave boxes, baskets, a flower vase, pots, bottle holders, houses for cats, laundry baskets, panels, armchairs, furniture legs and much more. It is better to start with something simple, for example, from a box:

Wicker vases from paper tubes


  • newspapers, cardboard;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors, knife, ruler;
  • pencil or knitting needle;
  • the container, in the form of which the casket will appear (box, jar, vase, bottle);
  • colors: stain or food coloring (for eggs);
  • clothespins for fixing the tubes;
  • varnish

Frame for the mirror of plastic rings

A newspaper sheet (or thin rough paper) is folded in half, cut into 4 equal parts. Then a pencil or spoke is attached to the corner of the sheet, and a newspaper is twisted around it (at an angle), the core can be removed from the middle of the tube, the edges should be fixed with glue. You need to use it at a minimum, since it will not be painted over. The length of the tubes are also increased with glue.It will take a lot of such blanks, then dry them for at least 4 hours, after which they are painted in the desired colors and dried for another 8 hours. You should get beautiful smooth tubes of the same thickness.

Lace pillows in the style of Provence
From cardboard or thick paper, cut 2 bases of the desired shape and size. Mark one base with a ruler at regular intervals (you will need to calculate the exact value) and stick to this base the tubes along the edge (if the bottom is square - 1 tube is required in the corners at 45 degrees). The second part of the base is glued on top. This is the bottom. Then a tubule (or several) is glued to one “ray” near the bottom and weaving begins in one of the ways (there are many videos in the network with various weaving techniques). Inside the form is inserted and braided to the desired height. At the end, the product is varnished and dried.

Vases caskets wattled from beads

Composition and accents

Decided on the future use of interior crafts? Fine! If you are a beginner, then you will need some knowledge of stylistic directions - in order for your designer masterpiece to fit perfectly. It is quite easy.

Bedspread and pillowcase patchwork
You should take into account the general features of the decoration of the room where the product is supposed to be used.Perhaps the room already has an accent (and according to the rules of the composition it should be alone) - some detail that stands out from the rest of the furniture and decor in color, size, shape. For example, in a classic interior it can be a luxurious crystal chandelier, a carved fireplace or a patterned carpet. In modern interiors, it can be 3D-wallpapers, an unusual design of plasterboard, interesting lighting, beautiful portraits and the like.

Branch frame
Always pay attention to art objects, other home decor: paintings, carpets, pillows, curtains, figurines: will not your hand-made article argue with them, stand out from the general picture. If your fashionable interior decoration itself is thought of as an accent, when making it, you should take into account the style of the room and the combination of colors.

Fake kitchen for yourself

A quick guide to style and color

Today, the Internet is replete with pictures of various beautiful combinations of colors and their shades, inspired by nature itself. From them, you can choose a suitable ready-made table of combinations, similar to your interior story.

Panel of colored threads
The basis of such tables is the color wheel. In it, the colors and their shades are arranged in a circle, in a rainbow order, in extended versions - taking into account the darkness and lightness of the tone (multi-row color circles).The main thing you need to know: the colors that are located side by side in the color wheel are well combined. These are neighboring companion colors, with them a nuance, semitone or transition, for example, blue and green, is well obtained. Also, located clearly opposite each other, they combine well (then we get a bright contrast, the colors complement each other and give juiciness, such as, for example, yellow and purple, blue and orange).

Christmas tree made of thread-Christmas fake

If the decor element does not imply a Christmas theme, you should avoid the neighborhood of red and green - this combination creates a ripple in the eyes.
If you are not sure about the combination of beautiful complex shades (such as mustard, aquamarine, terracotta, marsh, etc.) - look for similar color tables.
To make your decor element best fit into the interior of the house, try to determine the overall style of the room and follow it so that the ideas embodied with your own hands will heal a happy life together in space.

Round patterns of fabric and hoop

Here are 8 common styles in the rooms of the modern house and their general characteristics that will help you decide on the idea:

  1. Classic (English, French) - calm, strict forms.Carved elements, stucco, columns with classical Roman floral ornaments are allowed. Representative, prim furniture. The colors are calm, warm: brown, ocher, white. Also used deep blue, burgundy, green. Textures - wood, gypsum, leather (or their imitation). In the variants of the Rococo style, Baroque, the number of details, decorations, curlicues increases significantly, pink and gold are added.Classic-style vase with pine cones
  2. Post-modern (derivatives: fusion, eclecticism, pop art, contorery) - welcomes unusual, multi-dimensional frame structures on the walls, ceiling, floor (niches, tiers, partitions of drywall, wood), asymmetry. Uses bright accents on a plain background, likes geometric patterns (think of clothes and furniture from the 60s and 70s). Loves plastic, metal, glass, unusual textured fabrics, contrasting color combinations. Derivatives of this style are characterized by a combination of things unmatched at first glance, a bright mix, sometimes a little insane.Decoupage on wooden frames
  3. Ethnic (Japanese, African, Egyptian, Indian, Arabic, Moorish, etc.) - sustained in accordance with the traditional arrangement of the home of a particular nation.For example, the Japanese style involves the use of mats, rice paper, partitions, fans, white, black colors. African - replete with shades of yellow, brown, red with the inclusion of characteristic color patterns, includes reed products, native figurines made of precious wood (imitation) and so on.Fabric dolls
  4. Provence (similar to country, art-believe, chebbi-chic) ​​- rustic style in its various manifestations. Lots of wood, often deliberately aged, unevenly colored. The textures are as follows: rough plaster, woven fabrics, flower, brick, stone. The number of pieces of furniture and decor varies between styles, for example, art-believe is close to minimalism, and shebbi-chic is ready to place cute beautiful things with craquelure, decoupage and other decorations on all available surfaces. Paints are actively used to give old things a new look.Pebble and wood lamp
  5. Minimalism (constructivism) - everything is simple, clear, no frills. Straight lines, multifunctionality, folding and sliding (secret) designs are best friends. The color palette is concise, 3-4 chromatic shades (gray, white, black, metallic) with one bright accent.Invoices: simple fabrics, glass, metal.Pedestals on castors from logs
  6. Hi-tech - high-tech interior, full of modern gadgets and developments, akin to minimalism. Loves gloss, achromatic colors, clear lines.
  7. Loft / Scandinavian / Chalet / Eco-style - the house of a hunter, a traveler in the mountains or in the urban jungle, often a bachelor dwelling. These styles are united by the abundance of wood in various rough processing, and other natural materials, in the loft - bricks (graffiti is appropriate). Nordic patterns, cell, natural fabrics give comfort.Loft style tube light
  8. Mediterranean (Greek) style, as a rule, is great for the bathroom, but not only for her. It is replete with white and shades of blue, blue, welcomes mosaic, beautiful murals, marine motifs.

Styles, of course, can be combined, flow one into another and skillfully use each other’s elements, introduce national traits.

Panel for the kitchen of wooden appliances
Following the above recommendations, you fill the space with creative individual handicrafts created with love, thus attracting love, good fortune and prosperity, as well as admiring glances to the house!

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  • Beautiful crafts for interior decoration

    Beautiful crafts for interior decoration

    Beautiful crafts for interior decoration

    Beautiful crafts for interior decoration

    Beautiful crafts for interior decoration

    Beautiful crafts for interior decoration

    Beautiful crafts for interior decoration

    Beautiful crafts for interior decoration

    Beautiful crafts for interior decoration

    Beautiful crafts for interior decoration

    Beautiful crafts for interior decoration Beautiful crafts for interior decoration Beautiful crafts for interior decoration Beautiful crafts for interior decoration Beautiful crafts for interior decoration Beautiful crafts for interior decoration Beautiful crafts for interior decoration Beautiful crafts for interior decoration Beautiful crafts for interior decoration Beautiful crafts for interior decoration Beautiful crafts for interior decoration Beautiful crafts for interior decoration Beautiful crafts for interior decoration Beautiful crafts for interior decoration Beautiful crafts for interior decoration Beautiful crafts for interior decoration