Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

In the bathroom, a modern person spends a little time, but it is the image of this room that can make the day, setting up a good mood and helping to find harmony in the evening. Before getting the right emotions, you need to find a compromise between personal preferences and the planned budget, not forgetting to take into account the area of ​​the room. Create a beautiful interior, taking into account all the nuances, will help design the tiles in the bathroom.

The reason for the popularity of tiles in front of other materials finishing the bathroom planes is obvious: strength, durability, practicality, and most importantly, versatility. An impressive selection of samples in size, texture, color performance makes it easy to fit into any stylistic direction. Modern collections reflect the latest trends in interior design. To understand the variety of options presented, it is enough to possess the necessary information and then the final result will correspond to the conceived idea.

Functional purpose

A bathroom is a room with special conditions: high humidity, temperature changes, aggressive and frequent exposure to household chemicals.

Tiles under natural stone

Each species must have certain characteristics:

  • Moisture resistance. Particular emphasis is placed on hygienic standards, because the development of bacteria, fungi in a particularly porous structure of the material is not included in the repair program. Moisture resistance division into 8 groups: for the design of a bathroom, samples 1, 2, 3 are considered optimal;
  • Wear resistance. It is selected depending on the semantic purpose. Special pictograms and strength classes will help you to figure out for yourself. Silhouette of the palm - suitable only for walls, soft enough material, the first class is optimal, without overpaying for increased strength. The silhouette of the foot - finish the floor. Experts recommend to stop the choice on the second or third, not overpaying extra money, because after the fourth - the premium for durability will be significant, suggesting increased use in public places (airports, pools);
  • Friction coefficient The criterion is relevant for ceramic tiles used as flooring.To eliminate the traumatic risk of slipping bare feet on a wet tile, recommended products of class B;
  • Resistance to household chemicals. Marking "AA" will provide protection against aggressive environment detergents, disinfectants;
  • Exposure to ultraviolet - absolutely not relevant if there are no windows, as well as the characteristic "frost resistance".

Marble tiles

Facing tile material

Regardless of the intended design of the tile, according to its functionality, it is divided into three types: wall, floor, decorative elements, each of which is made of completely different materials. Such a simple, at first glance, ceramics can be divided into 2 types depending on the number of firing: monocottura (one firing), bicotour (two stages). Several characteristics of the latter variety often provoke a positive choice in their favor: low cost, ready-made collections with decorative elements and layout for facing.

Black bathroom

Clinker is gaining more and more popularity - it has an amazing ability to preserve its appearance, strength, durability in any conditions.Some design ideas (loft style, ethno) may be ideally realized only with the help of clinker. Able to change the visual geometry of the bathroom just using an alternative way of laying out.

The combination of wood and stone tiles

According to its technical characteristics, porcelain stoneware, being a technical type of production as a kind of ceramics, has long and successfully replaced stone. As well as stone tile, it will serve for a very long time, if properly carry out installation work, the price of which will be significantly more expensive than when dressing bathroom walls in tile. It is necessary to take care of the renovation of such tiles in a few years - stone grinding may be required.

Stacking the tiles in a staggered manner

The table will help you to choose a tile taking into account key features of the material:



The maximum possible range of colors Price aspect (will have to spend money) Wear resistance Using

for any surfaces

Ceramics monocottura + + +
Pottery ceramics + +
Clinker + + + +
Porcelain stoneware + + +

White tile hog and wood

Size and shape

The size of the tile is important for the design of a spacious bathroom, and for a small one it is of immediate importance. Professional designers are advised to always adhere to the following recommendations when choosing the size of tiles that can change even the geometry of space:

Diagonal pattern

  • The use of tiles in the form of a rectangle with sides of 3 × 2: the location on its side, if necessary, to ensure that the room looked visually wider;
  • Large tiles on a small surface - fit only a few pieces in a row. Most often, additional seams are required: the case of crushing, dividing tiles on difficult sections, corners. Gold standard of aesthetics of wall surfaces - at least 6 pieces in a row;
  • It is aesthetically beautiful when all the taps, buttons, holders are located in the center of the tiled segment;
  • The dimensions of floor coverings range from a minimum of 2.5 * 2.5 cm to an impressive 60 * 60 cm. The fashionable parquet design of the floor tile in an extravagant bathroom has a non-standard size of the laying material: 36.5 * 12 cm;
  • For fans of the classics, but with a modern slant, the designers came up with a combination of the same square in design, but different in size segments.

Unusual bathroom tiles

Too small tile size automatically increases the number of stitches. They need moisture-resistant grouting and timely, constant antiseptic treatment.


Modern bathroom design often involves the use of tiles of different shapes.Rectangles, squares and bricks - this is only a small part of the range, which have tiled collections. Curved edges allow shaped tiles to become the main decoration in the "wet zone".

Bathroom with window

Bright reception: contrast enhancement is achieved by trimming the accent wall with curly tiles of catchy colors, for example, in the form of honeycombs, against the background of classical patterns of calm, neutral tones. Amazing hexagons have become one of the main breakthroughs of the year, as they have been used in a wide variety of styles.

Classic bathroom


Bathroom design implies the same huge choice of stylistic directions as in the interior solutions of other rooms. Modern collections of ceramic tiles allow for any, but still the most common is the classic. Advantages: suitable for large, full-sized and small bathrooms.

Brown and beige colors in the bath

Color: a standard, win-win version is the design in two colors related palette, and the dark component is located below. For demarcation, a border is used that performs the binding function of color performance.Add vitality to the interior of the bathroom using a decorative edge in the following performance:

  • Flower ornament;
  • Geometric pattern;
  • Sophisticated photo print.

Tile of unusual shape

Color classics of the genre - shades of white, blue, beige, adding gold and bronze as accents.

Styling under wood panels

Special luxury will bring elements of the Mediterranean style, as it is characterized by decorative moments in the form of panels, mosaics. Compensated by the calm colors - natural colors typical of the coast in the bathroom: natural greens, blue, sand, deep terracotta.

Drawing of tiles on the floor

Fans of maximum practicality, functionality should pay attention to modern styles, such as high-tech. Primary colors: white, gray, black, silver. Reflect the modernity will help the individual elements - tiles in the form of metal inserts, mirror ceramics. Art nouveau is characterized by the decoration with the use of panels, the active inclusion of mosaic, not only on the walls, but also the finishing of plumbing, mirrors, and a shower area. Color performance can be calm, made with pastel shades, but the accents are always bright.

Beautiful ceramic tiles

The design in the oriental style is gaining popularity - the design gives the necessary exotics, but it is metered: in the bathroom, a person spends not so much time as in other rooms. Therefore, you can use intricate motifs, especially bright colors of red, yellow, green, turquoise. Egyptian, Arabic style can come up and “wet zones” of small size, if the ornaments (hieroglyphs, Turkish “cucumbers”, other characteristic details) can be used in doses or only on curbs. The actual design will also be for those who suffer from an abundance of gold in the interior - here you can realize it boldly and in any quantities, without fear of bad taste, “kitsch”. Therefore, those who love “richer” will suit the Baroque, Art Deco with their pretentiousness, lack of modesty.


Calm retro, country will help to become more romantic and peaceful. The appearance of the tile "under the textile" will help to realize these stylistic directions. Eco and ethno styles also do not go unnoticed by the collection developers. I want to touch a tile with imitation of snake, crocodile skin. It looks especially good against the background of calm, natural shades, especially fashionable in the season:

  • Earthy, beige;
  • Grayscale, including graphite - the "new" gray;
  • Edible: truffle, cappuccino, mocha;
  • Green, especially - the color of young foliage.

The combination of colors in the bathroom

Choosing your favorite style, many are guided by the characteristic colors, peculiar to each individually. But besides the choice of the color palette of the tile, it is necessary to take into account the general harmonious combination with the specific sanitary engineering, the area of ​​the room. A black and white monochrome will come to the rescue, which will not lose its popularity for a long time.

Bright color bath

The versatility of this “non-color” solution lies in its design for various styles of bathroom design:

  • Minimalism, hi-tech - topical conciseness;
  • Gothic, Neo-Baroque, Glamor - the addition of gold elements, the abundance of decor, shiny bricks.

Deep colors and volume in tile

A simple solution would be to design in one color key: this will avoid additional elaboration of every detail, particularly careful selection of furniture, as in the case of a contrasting design. Calm, light colors will allow you to seamlessly perform an elegant arrangement. Bright colors, such as red, find fans of art deco style, oriental, avant-garde, but not only tile selection, but also a combination of all other bathroom items, accessories, and decor help to achieve an organic atmosphere.Enhance the brightness, to give depth is always possible with the help of the texture of tile material.

Wave pattern

When buying tiles, they are guided by adding 15% of material to the calculated amount. In the event of unforeseen moments that any repair is so famous for, it will be problematic to acquire a similar one - there is a high probability that the shades will not match.

Textured antique pattern

Decor and other exotic

Standard collections include the inclusion of decorative elements, but you can choose among the whole variety that can transform a patterned, typical interior beyond recognition:

  • Curbs;
  • Mosaic. The design around the doorway looks beautiful, as a continuation of the design idea. Small inclusions will practically not affect the budget and the visual, rather insidious reduction in the volume of the room;
  • Friezes. The design of special areas - for example, the sink zone, will add zest to the interior;
  • Mirror segments. Undoubtedly, will add space and problems for the care and polishing.


You can have all this beauty in front of the door, at the level of human eyes or slightly lower (150-160 cm) - the maximum concentration of attention.

Horizontal mosaic

Maximum expressiveness of design can be achieved with the help of non-standard options, the diversity of which affects:

  • Panno. Ideal for a large, medium area, the ability to create an original, exclusive version without harm to the budget;
  • Majolica is a hand-made variety created by hand, with a certain ornament and amazing blue color, which allows designers to dress the walls in exclusive “clothes”;
  • Faience - for the old, vintage style, country simply indispensable;
  • Porcelain is an expensive material, but it allows to embody certain ideas;
  • Glass is a more modern trend, allowing to carry out a fashionable combination with a transparent shower cabin, partitions, making the room airy, spacious;
  • Cotto - a type of monocottura, more often the special color of red clay will add originality and authenticity to the bathroom interior;
  • Tree. Successful imitation will allow not to violate the style, for example, the eco-interior of the whole apartment or house. Natural colors contribute to maximum relaxation, allowing an analogy with the spa.

Porcelain tiles

Phototile and other technologies

Special attention is given to modern technologies that have captured the tile market segment. Sublimation, decal, UV printing allow you to create unique designs that meet all the requirements put forward to the usual, classic designs:

  • High stability;
  • Excellent color rendering;
  • Extreme clarity for any size.

Green color

A clear advantage - you can order an individual drawing on your own selected material.
You can enter a photo tile into a bathroom of any size, and even increase the space due to the 3D effect by creating a third dimension: the marine theme with the expanses of the ocean. Convex compositions: wavy ridges, shapes, oblique contour profiles are simply created to become the central decoration of the bathroom. On their background, taps and fittings look very special. Competently selected 3D-patterns will fit into any style, starting with minimalism, and ending with glamor: likes for selfies are provided against the background of such walls.

Tile Paintings

5 nuances of decorating a small bathroom

  1. Gloss is an additional function of reflecting light, but some owners of a fully glossy bathroom can bring discomfort to the glare;
  2. The optimal size of tiled segments: square - 20 * 20, 30 * 30; rectangle - 15 * 30, 30 * 60. The shape of the bathroom is taken into account - narrow or square;
  3. Discard porcelain stoneware - this is a very difficult material for cutting, and in a small room crushing will be evident;
  4. White undoubtedly adds volume, but can provoke associations with the hospital. To avoid this, bright accents or the use of alternatives in the form of inclusions of marble surfaces will help;
  5. Blue Kohler helps to feel the freedom and infinity, naturalness - the color of the sky and the sea. To give depth will enable the inclusion of dark blue, Marsala.

Natural materials

In tune with the times

Having studied the latest trends in designer interiors and new products offered by manufacturers, you can create a unique bathroom by breaking the familiar patterns. Understanding the importance of the bathroom interior in the overall design of the whole house, encourages the creation of exceptional types of tiles.

White bath with accents on the floor

This year brought the maximum variety of imitations:

  • Imitation of the texture of the wallpaper;
  • Metal, which immediately found application in high-tech, minimalism;
  • Improved collections under the tree, imitation of aged brick, which is important for the loft, rustic style;
  • Cotton, satin, embroidery - considering the novelties, it is hard to believe that this is tiled material.

Simplicity in design

With regard to specific performances, the new season demonstrates the diversity: low-key Scandinavian style, optical illusions of futuristic bathroom interiors. The undoubted trend is still ethno-motives with imitation of hand-painted, at the same time emphasizing the cosmopolitanism of the owners of such bathrooms. Fans of harmonious and concise arrangements will love the art of origami, reflected in characteristic squares.

Ease of simplicity

Graffiti tiles in partnership with one-color tinted will also find their followers. Ceramic granite fans will like the decision of manufacturers to produce this popular material in new-sized segments: 30 * 90 cm. All this will encourage you to search for your own way to customize the bathroom using such standard material as tile.

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  • Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples

    Bathroom tile design - 50 contemporary examples