Autumn wedding: decoration, decoration of the hall, script, complimentary

Autumn wedding: decoration, decoration of the hall, script, complimentary

Wedding in the life of each person is oneof the most crucial events. Therefore, all couples try to bring more beauty and magic on this day. Wedding in the autumn style will be very handy, if it falls on this wonderful time of year. Especially since September and October are considered one of the best months for marriage.

The bride's bouquet

Every girl dreams of being in such a specialthe day is simply unbeatable. She chooses for herself a dress, a hairdress and shoes that would emphasize all her dignities and turn her into a princess. One more of the most important details in the image of each bride is a bouquet. If the young decide that the best option for their holiday will be a wedding in the autumn style, then for the bouquet you need to pick flowers that match this time of year. And also decorate it with leaves of red-yellow shades. In this case, you should not chase the imported plants, it is better to give preference to the home. This will be a classic version of the autumn bouquet, but if the bride wants to be original, then the next option is suitable. For a more interesting composition, you can pick up dry twigs and cones. You can fasten them with a wire and a drill. This is done very simply: at the base of the cone a hole is drilled, into which the wire is cut. It further serves as a leg for the decoration thus made.

Autumn wedding decoration


Autumn wedding decor should be displayed andprolonged in the images of the main characters of this event - the bride and groom. In addition to the bouquet, a young woman can choose an original hairstyle. One of the most common options in this case is the use of a wreath, which is very easy to make with your own hand from autumn leaves and flowers. You can also simply weave these same elements into the selected hair styling. Girls who will be guests on holiday can also continue this trend and put on wreaths. This can be asked in advance, and you can give them directly at the event as souvenirs. This will cheer up all the representatives of the fair sex and the photos will look very beautiful.

Ornaments in the wedding theme

Among other things, the young always supplementsits own image of earrings and necklaces, which can also continue the overall style of the entire celebration. If suitable is not found in the salons of jewelry, you can make to order. After all, handwork is always very original and insanely beautiful. There is another option - do it yourself. On the Internet you can find a bunch of schemes that tell in detail how to make earrings and necklaces, for example, from beads or rhinestones. Very original will look a suspension of leaves and epoxy. This is a very interesting technique, which consists in the preservation of a small autumn leaf with resin. When it dries, it becomes absolutely transparent, and the object you selected is as if behind a glass. This glue can be found in any hardware store. And pick up the filling and does not be difficult.

Wedding in the autumn style

Autumn wedding: decoration of the yard

In recent years, very popularceremony, and it's not strange, because in this way each couple has the opportunity to choose a place for marriage and decorate it as the soul desires. One of the variants of the event, when this option is more than appropriate, is an autumn wedding, the design of which will best look in shades of red, orange and yellow. An excellent place for holding can be both a banquet hall and a courtyard: it all depends on the weather and the wishes of the young themselves. If the temperature on the street is plus and the bright sun is shining, then the yard will be an excellent option for such an event. It can be divided into several zones: for congratulations and gifts, for accommodating guests, a dance floor, a table for the bride and groom. It is decorated with flowers, leaves, fruits, light tulle fabric, ribbons. You can make a garland of dry natural materials that lie just under your feet, which will be positively displayed on the overall wedding budget. Do not be superfluous in this decor and will be bales of straw, which will be better to throw a tablecloth and put on them little pumpkins. It will be interesting here to see candles that are placed on tables or suspended with ribbons, but first they are lowered into round vessels.

Autumn wedding decoration of the hall

Banqueting hall

If the marriage is scheduled for the endOctober-November, it is fine to look in the refectory of any restaurant autumn wedding. The decoration of the hall will only complement the general mood if it is thought through in detail. To do this, you can make colored fans that can be hung above the table of young people in the form of a crown of a huge tree. For beautiful pictures you need to select a corner, which is decorated in a special way. It can be a small table, covered with a vintage tablecloth, behind which are placed dry gifts of nature (branches, cones, acorns, leaves, hips, grapes, etc.). For warmer lighting, hang the LED lamp, and put a couple of candles on the table. Thus, it will be a wonderful autumn wedding. The design of the tables should also convey the general style. And then everything that can be found in any park or garden - rowan, pumpkins, apples, leaves, nuts, ears - is useful. You can also make roses from orange crusts. This will not only give an even more rich orange color to the decor, but will also raise the mood, because the smell of citrus fruits is loved by everyone.

Autumn decor wedding

A special scenario

When all preparations are finished, the decor forhall is chosen, images of the bride and groom are completely made up, it's time to think about the very course of the wedding. This is almost the most important in this event, because if the guests are bored, then there will not be good impressions. Since the autumn wedding is on the agenda, the script can be chosen the same. The first option - "Grandma's Garden." The venue here is very important. It should be a park or grove that would convey the spirit of childhood and nostalgia for rural warmth. Contests can be selected appropriate (the fastest harvesting of fruits, cooking pumpkin porridge, etc.). Another interesting name for such an event is "The Legend of Autumn". If you are planning a wedding, then it can be arranged in an old church, to which the young will arrive in the carriage. The celebration itself will favorably decorate the ancient rites and games that came to us from ancestors. If the wedding is held in late October, then a very interesting solution will be the style of Halloween. The party can be in the form of a masquerade ball, but if it is not for you, then just use only some elements, for example, candlesticks in the form of pumpkins.

Autumn wedding script

Thus, one of the most beautiful solutions for marriage will be an autumn wedding. The design can be thought up quite original, because there are a lot of options. Such a holiday will be remembered by everyone.

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  • Autumn wedding: decoration, decoration of the hall, script, complimentary Autumn wedding: decoration, decoration of the hall, script, complimentary Autumn wedding: decoration, decoration of the hall, script, complimentary Autumn wedding: decoration, decoration of the hall, script, complimentary Autumn wedding: decoration, decoration of the hall, script, complimentary Autumn wedding: decoration, decoration of the hall, script, complimentary Autumn wedding: decoration, decoration of the hall, script, complimentary