Autumn sketches. October playbill

Autumn sketches. October playbill

" There are in the initial autumn
A short but wonderful time -
All day is like a crystal
And radiant evenings ... "

Fedor Tyutchev

Today we invite you for a walk!
Are there any people who want to take a walk and leaf in the leaves on a sunny autumn day?

Walks in the autumn forest or park are particularly delightful. Fallen leaves are rustling underfoot, birds are concentrating on the preparation of a winter dwelling, fresh (sometimes already frosty) air adds mood and freshness of thought .. I want to breathe deeply and capture those moments for the whole long and harsh winter ... right up to spring, when the birds chirp , and the exciting spring breeze will bring us the first sounds of awakening nature!

With the arrival of autumn, everyone gathers in the city, and we all miss the wildlife around us. It is great if you have the opportunity to go out of town or take long walks through the autumn forest. But staying in the city you can visit many interesting places and learn a lot of new things!

And behind the window the last days of Indian summer! So warm, and extremely long ...
Remember the folk wisdom?
- The young "Indian summer" begins, and the sun falls asleep.
- On the day of the beginning of the "Indian summer", according to custom, it was necessary to put a young man on a horse and go hunting with him.

Well, we will not go on the hunt :), but you can put a boy on a horse, or just ride ... Fortunately, parks and entertainment areas in the open air allow it.

On the territory of the Zoo there is a mini-Zoo, as well as manychildren's amusement areas- for the little ones, with children's attractions, and even for dinosaur lovers! Address of the Kiev State Zoological Park
cm Polytechnical Institute
Victory Avenue, 32
ticket price: 15 UAH. - adult, 7 UAH. - children.

One moreZoo, but already mini, is open-air on Novoobuhovskaya highway, at the restaurant “Three Musketeers”. In the zoo, kids can meet ponies, horses, swans, geese, peacocks, owls and feed animals with food purchased there.
There is a mini-zoo on the territory known to allOstrich farmin Yasnogorodke.There you can talk to a horse, a donkey, Dumbo and Dumbo-2 deer, a wonderful pig, a turkey and a funny goat Borka.
Kiev oblast. (Makarovsky district),
Yasnogorodka, st. Podlesnaya, 32.

Somewhere in the branches of trees, a high clear sky is lost, the wind is playing with gold of fallen leaves, the sun's rays are still cooling down in the middle layers of the atmosphere, recalling the approaching cold. Silence. There is no one near you, except for your own thoughts, and even those are lazily asleep somewhere in the depths of the subconscious ...

What could be more beautiful than walking in the autumn park! And what a smell! Just imagine - a cool morning, turning into a warm day .... It does not matter if even drizzle drizzle, because it is a mushroom! Imagine, as you walk through the autumn forest with a basket. There is such beauty around and not necessarily mushrooms! With a child you can collect chestnuts, acorns, pebbles ...

Returning from the park, we feel an invigorating surge of strength and energy. And not by chance. The smell of dry foliage is healing. Dried out plants emit substances with a powerful healing effect. Perhaps, the knowledge of their properties will help you to "pick up" a bouquet for the house.For example, dry oak branches emit substances that greatly reduce blood pressure and relieve the accompanying headache, dizziness, excessive heartbeat. If in your bedroom there will be an oak bouquet of 3-4 branches, you can cope with insomnia and irritability. Moreover, the drier the branches, the greater the effect they give!

For hikers we recommendexcursions in the green and beautiful areas of the parks and botanical gardens of Kiev

In the center of Kiev is locatedBotanical Gardens them. Fomina.
At the weekend you can get on a cactus, tropical, or subtropical excursion.
How to get to: metro station University, on foot in the direction of the Red building of the University

BUTCentral Botanical Gardenwill delight you with a large territory, the pacification of the monastery located on the territory and the bells ringing ... Central Botanical Garden
st. Timiryazevskaya 1

On the picturesque outskirts of Kiev, in the village of Pirogovo is locatedMuseum of Folk Architecture and Life.
Wooden and modern buildings reflecting the life of various regions of Ukraine are located on an area of ​​about 150 hectares! This is one of the largest open-air museums.Here you can see houses, churches, mills, wells, various peasant utensils, all this gives an idea of ​​the life of the Ukrainian people in the XVI - XIX centuries.

October 14, Pirogovo will make us happy with the holiday - the Intercession!
On this day, with a child, you can watch performances of folk groups and wander around the exhibition of folk craftsmen.
Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Pirogovo
(from metro station Lybidska goes trol. 11)
Information: 526-5542 -2416 (excursion bureau).
Tickets - 10 UAH. (for students and pensioners - 5, for children - 2).
From 10:00 to 17:00.

And for those who dare to drive further from Kiev, waiting for a hospitable Manor of Pan Savka- thatched-roof house built in 1786!
This is where you can feel the spirit of national color!
House Savka restored by all the rules! There is a blacksmith shop in the courtyard of Mr. Savka. Where do without it? In the hut Savka, like a good owner, has everything. Here and millstones, turning the zhito into flour, and sieves made from calfskin, and its own shoe repair shop. Near the hives flaunt. And in the fall they begin to beat flax and make threads of it. This is what the Savka family is now busy with ....
Hospitable hostess with a stag bean pulls a pot of millet porridge out of the oven. Clay bowls, wooden spoons and mead ..
Museum of Antiquities and Ethnography of Polesia
with.New Petrovtsy

Very interestingfree playgroundslocated in Pridneprovsk Park, Shevchenko Park (opposite the red building of the University) and the Park of Glory.
Gaming complexes are designed for kids, and for more adult and mobile children, and parents at this moment can relax in the midst of autumnal coolness.

If you walk along the Vladimir Hill, you can go toFunicular them. A.V.Ivanova- It is an inclined railway (one way with a crossing) connecting the elevated part of the city with Podil. The funicular is very popular among children of any age! It is located near the Mikhailovsky Golden-domed monastery, Vladimirskaya Gorka and St. Sophia Cathedral - why not look at the beautiful domes and stroll along the streets of Kiev, on exotic transport?
Funicular them. A.V.Ivanova
Cm Post office area
Opening hours: 6.30 - 23.00, no days off

Recently in Kiev opened a new platform for very crumbs.
It is located in the courtyard of the Central Children's Clinic on the street. Goloseevskaya, 53. Game designs are special - miniature size for children from one year to three years.Plus - between all the elements are strung ropes to hedge the child during the transition from game to game. Especially karapuzov, who still not quite confidently go. The patrons of the city promise to open such sites at Okhmatdit and on the territory of a children's clinic on ul. Kopylovsky, 1/7

Kids lovers of rollerblading and biking will enjoy riding the comfortable paths of our parks. And for those who love to play, offer autumn games that are easy to spend right in the open air!

Game that develops fantasy - "Clouds"
Clouds are white-maned horses ... Yes, yes, this is about our game! First, find out from your child if he knows what the clouds are, where they come from? Now offer to look at the sky and observe how white, fluffy clouds "fly and float". Watch together the clouds in the sky all the time changing shape, moving. You can invent a whole story with your heroes. This game develops wonderfully imagination and fantasy!

Red yellow
The leaves are flying!
It is called
Falling leaves.

(Galina Lebedeva)

Collect together with your baby leaves of different trees, be sure to name the tree from which you take the leaf.The task of the baby is to find a tree in the park, comparing the collected leaves with those that are still on the trees, and remember what it is called. You can slightly complicate the game by adding cones, nuts, acorns.

Golden leaves falling on the alleys of parks! Red, yellow, green, brown, brown, dark and light, with specks and without them, with cloves and round, large and small leaves rustle under the feet. Oh, what a beauty! It is a pity, but these beauties will soon fade and soak under the rains of cold November. But we will not be sad, right?

On the street you can compare a maple leaf with a palm, and at home to draw it, putting your palm and outlining its outline. Paint the future leaf with yellow paint and the maple leaf is ready!

On a walk, remember with the baby, what birds live in the city, what they eat? Tell him that in the autumn and winter, birds can find it difficult to find food, so you can make a feeder for them.
Or maybe you did it last winter? Then it's time to get it! Or cut a new one out of a cardboard box, from a milk package, a juice package ...
In the park for a walk, you can already take bread crumbs, groats and feed the birds ... And with the onset of cold weather, hang the feeders and do not forget themreplenish every day! Let this be one of the first lessons that cultivate the love of nature. Putting food on the birds, see who flies to your "canteen". Let the child try to name the birds himself. ...

One, two!
One, two!
Very wet grass
Puddles on the knee,
Bubbles and foam.

(Galina Lebedeva)

Oh, what a wonderful wordPUDDLE! And how happy mothers !!!! What about children!

It is clear that it is useless to not let a child into a puddle :), he will still be there faster than he will be caught .... Therefore, in advance, stock up with rubber boots and waterproof raincoats. Allowing the child to play enough in the puddles for a walk, one can hope that he will not get into the water, going to visit new shoes.

Puddle Games- this is a normal manifestation of children's cognitive activity, so why deprive the child of this pleasure? Let's play?

We offer young meteorological physicists to measure pools!
We select suitable several pools, it is desirable that they were of different sizes ... and we begin to walk along, counting the number of steps. Then we compare them :) and choose the largest one, on which you can already walk :).
Then we measure the depth of the puddles! We are looking for a good big stick (and suddenly a puddle is so deep that it will not save a boot?) And “tychem” to the farthest part of the puddle. By eye we pretend - deeply or not, and walk in the boots in the center! Delight? :)
If you have the same democratic girlfriends with small children, arrange competitions - who will have more splashes! Squeal and pleasure of the whole children's company and laundry for the mother are guaranteed :)!

Is it raining and you don't want to go out? You can just go down on the porch and talk about the rain. What is it like? Why is the autumn rain so gray and boring? What is thunder, lightning? And what is mushroom rain (mushrooms), drizzling (small as dew), rain (pouring, like a bucket)?
Breathe fresh air? And now home - to paint the rain with paints !!!! Believe me, even in the picture you can depict it different!

We will bring a piece of autumn to our house and make bouquets, handicrafts, ikebana, postcards, herbarium, which will remind us every day about the charming golden time and time spent together with the whole family!
And in the long rainy evenings we will paint pictures about autumn, make pictures of leaf prints,solve crosswords and riddles, learn poems about autumn, answer an infinite number of autumn children's questions: Why is it raining, and How does it appear? Who are migratory birds? and why is there fog?

Collecting autumn leaves, the child will remember the names of the trees and how they look.
From dried leaves you get a great herbarium! And if you look at the encyclopedia of plants and sign the leaves with Latin names, you will have your own mini-encyclopedia, which you can always touch and examine.
It will always be very interesting for a child to read such a vegetable book made with his own hands, along with his mom or dad, grandfather or grandmother!

I want wood beads
I give my mother.
They are not for sale,
They need to make ...

Remember the words of the children's song on the words of M. Sadovsky?
On an autumn walk, collect the berries of mountain ash, dog rose, acorns and chestnuts, sticks and twigs with your child ... .. From these components you can easily make wonderful decorations for your home and garden school!
Any teacher or teacher will be pleased with the autumn bouquet, which can be collected in a wicker basket, pots, or just a vase.Autumn flower arrangements, beautiful cards and panels will enliven any room and add sunny smiles to the lessons and lessons :) of your children.
Girls will like making beads and bracelets. It is enough to make holes in the berries and acorns, and strung them on threads. This is a great gift for mom, teacher, nanny or teacher!

And for the autumn fairy tale, make fairy-tale heroes who will invite your fidget into the game. Prickly chestnuts use for hedgehogs, and acorns for fabulous men. How interesting it is to play with those toys that the kid made himself!

October and November
Every beast in its hole
Sleeps sweetly and dreams
Waiting for Spring.

(Galina Lebedeva)

Does the child collect stones for a walk?
Suggest your child to turn the collected stones into amusing little animals. For this you need to wash them well with soap and dry. Spread the finds on the table and fantasize together which stone is suitable for which animal. For example, from a variety of small pebbles you can make a caterpillar, from a smooth round stone a bear, tiger or pig face, and from an oval, ladybug.

In the joint work - the main desire! Fantasy itself will tell you new ideas! And if you dry more autumn materials, then on cold winter evenings you will not be bored with your child!

Our tip
Booklets - wallets:
K. Starodub. Toys and crafts from natural materials, Series: Beautiful things with their own hands., Publisher: Vladis, 2006

A. Garmatin. Origami. Miracles of paper. Series: Beautiful do-it-yourself stuff, Publishers: Ripol Classic, Vladis, 2006

After reading these books, you will learn how to make beautiful crafts from wood, metal, stone, clay and other natural materials.

Ideasautumn craftsYou can learn here:

Note to creative moms and dads!
For parents and children who love to engage in creative work together - great news!
*In the Museum of Architecture and Life "Pirogovo"teach different crafts. Now every Sunday you are waited in the Master Classes "Straw Weaves" and "Pysankarstva." And even a baby who never had straws in his hands will be able to weave a doll or a bird with the help of talented teachers!

*And on the territory of the Vydubitsky monasteryin Kiev, both children and adults will be able to learn how to make clay things with their own hands! The momentum of the potter's wheel, the warm and soft clay that is being listened to by the Potter’s hands, is all a bit like a game. Perhaps that is why it is so easy for children to learn pottery. Pottery School is waiting for you!

Autumn gives us a lot of surprises!

Rainy days are a good reasonput on a waterproof jumpsuit, a jacket or a raincoat and go ... to a museum, cinema, planetarium, circus or entertainment center!
To do this, pay attention to the repertoires and children's billboard.

Rainy days are a good reasonread together !!!!

Books will tell about the seasons, about unusual phenomena of nature, about animals and plants in autumn and winter. A lot of interesting things a child learns about winter holidays, about signs and the state of nature in all seasons. Colorful illustrations will help the child take a tour from January to December.
Autumn forest makes rethink lived. This is a forest of poets. Recall Pushkin. Lyubil Alexander Sergeevich walks through autumn parks ...

Our tip
Helene Dutiol I Know the World: Nature., Fleurus la grande encyclopeie nature Series: I know the world. Encyclopedia.
F. Macdonald, N. Morris. What surrounds us., Series: Open the world
V.G. Babenko. Encyclopedia of nature for kids
Because it's fun! Useful book for fun leisure Publisher: Makhaon, 2006
Publisher Karapuz: Where we were in the summer. As we saw off the autumn. What we did in the winter (3 books)
A set of 3 books for joint consideration and discussion of pictures with a small child. This process, of course, will not only bring great joy to the child, but will also expand his knowledge of the world around him, and will contribute to the development of speech, thinking, and activity skills.

Mosaic game "Seasons. Autumn" Educational frame, Series: Seasons

Fairy tale:

By the wayOrigami- papermaking technique from Japan, has long been a temple art for the elect. Now anyone can read the book by A. Garmatin “Origami. Paper Miracles, ”and try your hand at an exciting lesson of folding various shapes and patterns from a square sheet of paper. What is not an autumn occupation?

By the way, the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine conducts a series of diverse cultural events under the general title "The Month of Japan inUkraine. "

You can join the Japanese culture:

September 22 - December 3
Netsuke exhibition Journey to Japan.
Gallery "Netske", st. Kruglouniversitska, 4, office 1a, entrance from the courtyard
Information: 492-0013.

September 28 - October 8
Exhibition of Calligraphy Ryuseki MORIMOTO
Museum of Art. B. and V. Khanenko, ul. Tereshchenkovskaya, 15-17
539-4726 (R. Morimoto office in Ukraine)

October 6
Ikebany Ikenobo demonstration
Palace of Arts "Ukrainian House", st. Khreshchatyk, 2
Beginning at 19.00

October 7th
Japanese traditional dance (Sengiku BANDO).
In the Kiev State Operetta Theater
st. Red Army, 53/3
Information: 332-3038. Beginning: 18:00

October 7th
Master class ikebani Ikenobo!
In the Ukrainian-Japanese Center NTUU "KPI",
Prospect Victory, 37, library NTUU "KPI", 4th floor
Information: (096) 23-56-991

October 17 and 18
Origami Demonstration
Workshop and demonstration of origami, the Japanese traditional art of making figures out of paper, with the participation of the Japanese master.
More information on the website of the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine:

On a rainy autumn day, we recommend visiting exhibitions: “Butterflies”In the Kiev Zoo or„The colorful world of tropical inhabitants”In the Mini-Aquarium!
About 200 butterflies fly in the glass “cap” of the Zoo! They are so accustomed to hands that they easily sit on visitors - especially to their taste, people in red and white clothes that resemble flowers. The diversity of colors will please the eye on a gray autumn day and will add a positive mood to the “perplexed gloomy weekdays” parent ....
Kiev Zoo
cm Polytechnical Institute
Victory Avenue, 32
ticket price: 15 UAH. - adult, 7 UAH. - children.

The colorful inhabitants of tropical rivers, bloodthirsty piranhas, marine invertebrates (corals, stars, anemones, shrimps), many colorful marine fish, as well as the “stars” of the oceanarium: predatory black-feathered reef sharks - Ksyusha and Nutsk from the Indian Ocean will amuse even the most formidable grumbler :) .
Aquarium Center
st. Koshitsa, 8
Tel. (044) 502-17-96 and 209-20-28
Operating mode: from 10.00 to 18.00 without days off
Tickets - 10 UAH.

Next to the House of Children's Creativity, on Pechersk, at Klovsky descent, 8, there is a small cozyToy Museum.
The toy museum is quite small, occupies several rooms. According to the stories of museum workers, about 10,000 exhibits are carefully stored in the vault.The exhibition displays about 80 toys - dolls, soft toys, trains, railway, etc.
Adult ticket - 3 UAH (without excursion), children from 5 years - 1.5 UAH (without excursion).

In Kiev, a lot of various museums that can be visited in the fall.

In the literary-memorial museum-apartment of P. G. Tychiny
The exhibition "Ukrainian folk doll".
The exhibition is open from 9.00 to 17.00, seven days a week.
Address: st. Tereshchenkovskaya, 5
tel. 228-40-01

In the museum of jewelsspend excursions by candlelight!
Excursion is a trip to the Scythian world, mysterious and mysterious with its very different, not our measurements and ideas. The guide is a real Amazon, a Scythian girl.
Priceless exhibits mysteriously sparkle in the twilight: a silver gilded bowl, unique women's jewelry, valuable clothing decoration and the world-famous pectoral. In one of the halls, sightseers witness the conversation of the Scythian queen with his subjects — a wealthy peasant woman and a youth.
The highlight of the show is a magical ritual of fraternization. Everything is almost like that of the Scythians, only less blood. In conclusion, visitors are offered to find a treasure. There is no need to dig the ground - just answer the question correctly.This is easy if you carefully listen to the guide. The one who received the treasure - takes it for yourself! Price 12 UAH.
Address: st. January Uprising, 21, building 12
tel. 280-13-96

Especially attractive for children of any age areNatural museums.On the floor of Zoology, one can walk enough and find famous characters of favorite fairy tales - a bear, a fox, a wolf, a hare, squirrels. The floor with ancient animals and parking of primitive people will be interesting to children of elementary grades.
Nat Museum of Natural History
st. B. Khmelnitsky, 15
tel. 235-03-74

In one of the picturesque corners of the capital of Ukraine, in the old Dnieper park, is locatedMariinsky Palace- the pearl of Kiev architecture.
on Wednesdays and Saturdays (by reservation)
entrance: for adults - 1 cu; for schoolchildren / students - 0.6 cu
excursion (for a group of 30 people):
for adults - 3 cu; for schoolchildren / students –2 cu

Addresses of Kiev museums can be found here ....

Festivals, exhibitions and just more ideas:

From 14 to 17 October
2005 in Kiev "House of Cinema" will be held the third International Festival of Orthodox Cinema and Literature "Pokrov". More than fifty 2004-2005 Christian films are expected.Of these, seven are premiere shows and debut works, the press service of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church reports.
Home Cinema
st. Saksaganskogo 6

October 14
Evening-concert of the Kiev Kobzar Workshop "Cossack Pokrova": Nikolay TOVKAYLO, Taras KOMPANICHENKO, Yarema SHEVCHUK, Oles Sanin and others.
An opportunity to listen to traditional epic works that have survived for more than one century, as well as household and humorous songs, folk dances, improvisations, original songs
Cultural and artistic center
st. Ilinskaya, 9
Admission is free.
425-2154, (050) 974-0811.
Beginning: 17:00

Until October 31
Exhibition "Pages of the history of comics"
Opening September 29 at 18:30
French Cultural Center
st. Gorky, 104
529-2759 -4157

October 26 - 29
Second Kiev Anime Festival
In the House of Cinema
st. Saksaganskogo 6
Kiev Anime Festival is dedicated to Japanese animation and other aspects of Japanese culture. His goals - to show the diversity of anime genres from children's fun - to adult cinematic.

At the end of October
The opening of the Historical and Memorial Museum of Mikhail Hrushevsky will take place.
At the initiative of Leonid Chernovetsky overhaul andrestoration of the house on Pankovskaya Street, 9, where the prominent Ukrainian historian and public and political figure M. Hrushevsky lived in his time.
“The employees of the Museum of the History of the City of Kiev,” Vitaly Zhuravsky notes, “collected over four thousand exhibits related to the life and activities of such an outstanding person in Ukrainian history. Among them are memorial furniture and things, books of the private library of Mikhail Sergeyevich, dishes, etc. And the house itself, which the Grushevsky family acquired in July 1908 along with the estate for the father’s money left in inheritance, is a reminder of history, culture and architecture. "

Museum of Russian Art
I intend to pay special attention to the landscape classics - individual exhibition projects will be dedicated to Ivan Aivazovsky and Ivan Shishkin.
Kiev Museum of Russian Art all year will be preparing for the next anniversary - in November 2007, the museum will be 85 years old. During the anniversary year, there will be several exhibitions from the collections of regional art galleries. One of the most painful questions for the museum is where and how to place a collection representing the art of the twentieth century, this year is also unlikely to be resolved.Since there is no place for works of this period in the permanent exhibition, it will continue to be shown only at temporary exhibitions. The next promise is to open in the coming months - the works stored in the vaults of the 1920s and 1950s will be combined into an exhibition, which is still in the museum’s plans under the working title “The Art of a Totalitarian Era”. By the way, it may well be that one of the main canvases representing the totalitarian epoch is the textbook “Everything is higher!” Seraphim Ryangina - visitors will not see the exhibition. This picture, according to the museum staff, curators of prestigious European exhibitions are increasingly dreaming to get for their projects.
st. Tereshchenkovskaya 9
10:00 - 17:00, Mon 11:00 - 17:00, out. wed th

At the National Art Museum
plan to acquaint visitors in detail with the work of one of the leaders of the European avant-garde Kiev Alexandra Exter. Her works will arrive in Ukraine from French museums and private collections. And in October, they plan to open an exhibition of Nikolai Lysenko and his students - the most authoritative school in Ukrainian sculpture of the second half of the twentieth century is associated with the name of this master.The art of photography, infrequent in the halls of the academic museum, will be exhibited in the spring: as part of the III Kiev Photo Biennale, a retrospective of the French classic Henri Cartier-Bresson will be posted at the National Art Museum.

Museum of Contemporary Art of Ukraine
st. Bratskaya, 14
10:00 - 18:00, out Sun, Mon Sat 11:00 - 17:00
Works of artists of the twentieth beginning of the twenty-first centuries.
The new exhibition features works by artists of the 20th and early 21st centuries, including a painting by the famous Ukrainian artist A. Manevich Okolitsa, which in December 2005 as part of the museum's project Return of Ukrainian Values ​​to Homeland was purchased in London at MacDougall`s auction. Also on display are works by Bernadsky, Volobuev, Hertz, Gontarov, Kolesnik, Kovtun, Marchuk, Mikhailov, Miroshnichenko, Lomykin, Pasivenko. To date, the museum's collection includes more than 3,000 works by masters of painting, sculpture, graphics, and decorative and applied art.
An updated painting exhibition dedicated to the first anniversary of the museum. Y. Bokshay, V. Emets, A. Shepa, E. Kotkov, the Ryzhih-Neledva family, etc.

Hetman's Museum
st. Spasskaya, 16b
tel. 425-5549
10:00 - 17:00, exit Fri
Getman Ivan Mazepa and his era
Pylyp Orlyk - hetman in exile, Pavel Skoropadsky and the Ukrainian state in 1918.
Anastasia Rak. Painting on glass.
The museum is located in an old building of the end of the XVIII - the beginning of the XVIII century, known in the city as the "home of Hetman Mazepa". Permanent exhibitions: Getman Ivan Mazepa and his era, Pylyp Orlyk - hetman in exile, Pavlo Skoropadsky and the Ukrainian state in 1918.

You can attach the child to the great art! Take it to the real ballet:

In the National Opera
st. Vladimirskaya, 50,
t .: 279-1169 (ticket office), 234-7165)
From 19:00 to 21:50 you can see:
October 10, 26
Ballet "Swan Lake" (P. Tchaikovsky).

The 20th of October
Ballet "Giselle" (A.Adan)

28 of October
Ballet "The Nutcracker" (P. Tchaikovsky)

Every Saturday and Sunday in the cinema “Bratislava” MULTPARAD!
st. Mate Zalka, 5 (metro station

Autumn sketches. October playbill images, pictures

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  • Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill

    Autumn sketches. October playbill