Autumn manicure: what is it

Autumn manicure: what is it?

Often in fiction aboutthe beautiful lady meets the expression "lady to the tips of her nails." Such a woman by definition cares about her appearance, not forgetting to pay attention to manicure. And the truth is, well-groomed neat nails with varnish, chosen according to the situation and wardrobe, will always attract attention. Therefore, select the options for manicure should be carefully, focusing on its purpose, the appearance of a woman and many more conditions, one of which may even be the weather outside the window. Nails should look not only fashionable and stylish, but also actual. Therefore, in this article, let's talk about the ideas of autumn manicure.

autumn manicureThis time of year is characterized by bright colors,cool weather, rains. And in the autumn one of the most mysterious holidays is held - All Saints Day, the eve of which is called "Halloween". Its symbols are pumpkins, skeletons, and also the full moon. That it can be taken as one of the ideas, coming up with an autumn manicure. To implement this idea, the nails should be covered with a base, and then apply two layers of matte dark varnish. It is not necessary to use a radical black color. The varnish can be also dark-lilac, burgundy, shades of dark chocolate or cobalt. At the top of the nail silvery color should be drawn a semicircle. To finish such manicure follows a transparent covering.

autumn manicure drawingsWhat colors are associated with this time of year?

Certainly come to mind a golden, crimson,brown, lemon-yellow, that is, the colors of falling leaves. When you come up with an autumn manicure, you can stop at any of them, and you can use several at once. For example, in fashion now the type of painting on the nails is watercolor. For this it is enough to take a piece of old sponge or a makeup sponge. The nail should be covered with a layer of the first color and, until it is dry, gently sponge a bit of contrasting varnish. For example, chocolate and golden shades, crimson and dark-lilac, lemon-yellow and emerald green will be well combined.

Many girls prefer for everydayuse the French manicure. Say, with it the nails look natural, and you do not have to repaint them every day with different clothes. In its standard version, it looks boring and jaded. To make the French autumn manicure stylish, replace the familiar white strip on the tip of the nail with something bright. You can make a general background matte beige, and on the edge to apply a thin line of metallic paint varnish. Or make a contrasting chocolate background and a light coffee strip on the tip.

ideas of autumn manicureImage Options

Well, if you have hidden artistic talent,you can make a fantasy autumn manicure. Drawings for him to choose to your taste, in accordance with the subject. It can be maple or birch leaves, small pumpkins, the contours of a tree with leaves around it, droplets of rain and clouds. In general, it all depends on your imagination. Or, if you want a bright and unusual, you can make an autumn manicure in the style of impressionism. Choose several shades in a warm palette and chaotically, apply them to the nails so that they overlap each other, creating an abstract blurred picture.

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  • Autumn manicure: what is it Autumn manicure: what is it Autumn manicure: what is it Autumn manicure: what is it Autumn manicure: what is it Autumn manicure: what is it Autumn manicure: what is it Autumn manicure: what is it Autumn manicure: what is it