Auto tuning by own hands

Auto tuning by own hands

Tuning machines is a complex and fascinating process,requiring financial injections, endurance and patience. If you have already made a decision, why not perform auto tuning by yourself? It is important to prioritize and determine how much work needs to be done. The amount of investment in the project depends on this.

First, answer the question that youwant from your car? After tuning it will be transformed as much as you want. Recognize the appearance of your car will add refinement of body parts. In the spare parts market there is a wide selection of different tuning parts. Restyling grille of the radiator will distinguish your car from the general flow. It is made of plastic or composite materials.

Auto tuning with their own hands to carry out doublynicer quality details. From these considerations, get a lattice of carbon fiber, its cost is an order of magnitude higher, but the quality is excellent. Elements of a body are successfully supplemented with plastic overlays on thresholds and wheel arches. In addition to aesthetic qualities, they carry protective functions. Small gravel from under the wheels will do less harm to the paintwork of the body when installing sports protective mudguards. Tuning mirrors are very effective. They have many useful functions, including built-in direction indicators and CCTV cameras. When tuning the body it is important not to disturb the aerodynamic properties. Therefore, carefully choose a good working material from a well-known manufacturer.

It is difficult to carry out auto tuning with your own hands, notpossessing technical knowledge. First of all, it concerns the development of the engine of the transmission of the suspension of the car. In this case, it is necessary to solve a whole complex of technically complex problems. Without specific knowledge you can not do. There are many tutorials on how to make tuning by yourself. Many specialists disclose their secrets, but not everyone will be able to apply them in the matter.

When tuning the engine, it is advisable to refinesystem of an admission and release of the fulfilled gases. It is necessary to pay attention to the gas distribution mechanism. If the system of the changed phases of the gas distribution is installed, you can slightly "poked" with the settings. Many experts recommend increasing the engine volume by modifying the crank mechanism. But it is important to understand that for tuning the motor the quality of the installed parts is of paramount importance. Without fail, it is necessary to balance the rotating parts of the engine.

To auto tuning by yourself was for youobject of achieving the goal, study the conditions of the car. It is known that a car is a whole coordinate system with a lot of forces acting on it. Professionals know how the car will behave in a corner, even before leaving the garage. Why? Because when tuning the suspension are taken into account all the forces that theoretically can overturn the car in extreme traffic. You must be a professional! Take the first step.

Before you do the tuning, learn how to performauto repair by own hands. Constantly study the structure of machines and mechanisms. "Dig to the ground" in search of unique information you need. Do not be afraid of mistakes. They are allowed to do everything according to their competence.

There are many companies in the world that deal withtuning. Automakers invest huge amounts of money in development of the technical part of the car. Design bureaus everywhere offer a lot of unique solutions to change the appearance and interior decoration of cars. All this for you! For lovers to stand out for their individuality. It is always pleasant to get out of the general flow of gray mass of cars and make a positive impression. The admiring looks that passers-by will accompany your car, this is an additional pleasant bonus in auto-tuning your own car.

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