Aster: the legend of the flower. Myths about flowers

Aster: the legend of the flower. Myths about flowers

Our distant ancestors did not doubt thatplants came to this world is not accidental, they have special significance. The ways of their appearance were shrouded in mystery, which spawned numerous theories, including "magical" theories. One of these symbols was the aster. The legend of the flower, the appearance of which served as the source of the name, ascribes to it the divine origin. So where did this beautiful plant come from?

The Legend of the Flower: Astra from Persephone

The most beautiful description of the history of this "star"The plants got to our contemporaries from the inhabitants of ancient Greece. It was they who first recorded an interesting myth explaining where the aster came from. The legend of the flower says that people should thank him for Persephone.

astra flower legend

How bound eternally the young goddess of spring withthe appearance of this plant? Persephone is the unhappy wife of Hades, who ruled the underground kingdom. He forcibly took her as his wife, stealing from her mother Demeter. The gods ordered the young wife to spend at least half of her life (autumn and winter) in her husband's abode, so year after year she fell into the ground with the arrival of cold weather.

And here is the aster? The legend of the flower says that one day at the end of August the unfortunate goddess noticed a young man and a girl in love who exchanged kisses, being hidden by night darkness. Persephone, devoid of love and forced to go to Hades soon, sobbed in despair. The tears of the sufferer turned into stardust, falling to the ground and transforming into miraculous asters. Not surprisingly, this plant has been associated with love from Greeks since ancient times.

"The Stars" found the monks

Not only is Persephone "accused" of appearing on theour planet is such a miracle as aster. The legend of the flower, which is popular in China, contains another explanation. It all started with the journey of two Taoist priests who decided to get to the stars. The path of the monks, as expected, was long and difficult. They had to penetrate the juniper bushes, fall, slipping on ice trails, wander through the unfriendly forest.

the legend of the aster flower

Finally the clergy climbed the mountainAltai. Once at the top, they decided to rest, as their legs were ripped to the blood, only rags left their clothes. Monks hardly descended into the valley, where they saw a transparent stream and a flower meadow. And here is the legend of the flower? Astra was exactly the beautiful plant that the travelers found in the valley. Noticing this miracle, they realized that there are stars not only in the sky.

Monks could not refrain from grabbingwith a sample of plants. They began to grow them on the monastic grounds, having come up with a suitable name. In Latin, the word "astra" means "star".

Gift of Aphrodite

People who once inhabited ancient Greece,were rich in imagination. It is not surprising that they are offered another legend about the flower. Astra, as you know, is considered a symbol of the Virgo sign. People who are governed by a romantic constellation will be interested to know why this plant was chosen for them.

the legend about the flower aster

It turns out that the ancient Greeks, who lived before ourera, actively interested in astrology, already had an idea of ​​the constellation of the Virgin. It, in turn, was identified with the inhabitants of the ancient world with the goddess Aphrodite. The theory says that the tears of the goddess of love, shed because of the death of the beautiful lover, turned into cosmic dust. This is another legend about the flower (the aster, as it turns out, has been popular for a long time) is different from the story, the heroine of which is Persephone. Dust settled on the ground, gradually transformed into a plant.

Astra in Ancient Greece

It was the first state whose inhabitantsbegan to grow asters. Given the "divine" versions of the origin of "stellar" plants, there is nothing surprising in that they had a special place. The legend of the autumn flower asters, believed in those times, claimed that he has the ability to take away troubles from home, drive out evil spirits. This explains the habit of the ancient Greeks to decorate these plants with adjacent territories.

astra flower of legend and belief

It is interesting that asters were brought to Crimea fromGreece. Evidence that the flower was grown by the Scythians was found in Simferopol. The excavations carried out there made it possible to find out the drawings on which these plants appeared. They were located on the walls of the imperial tomb. Curiously, but the Scythians saw in this work of nature the sun and also considered it a divine gift.

Symbol of love

In ancient Greece,temples, glorifying the powerful and beautiful Aphrodite. As already mentioned above, the legend about the autumn flower (aster refers to) assures that the plant turned into tears of this goddess of beauty. This explains why it was chosen as a symbol, with drawings of which the altars were decorated. The parishioners who visit the temple of Aphrodite for the raising of prayers also weaved the plant into hair, clothes.

the legend of aster flower for children

Not many people know that the aster was usedduring the divination by young Greek women. The girls who wanted to start a family learned thanks to the magic ritual the name of the suitor. The rite ordered to visit the garden at the height of the night, approach the flower bushes and listen carefully. It was believed that the asters would recognize the name of the future bridegroom from the stars and inform the one who would be able to hear their quiet whispers.

"Star of the East"

Not only the Greeks, but also the Chinese throughoutFor centuries, grown aster, giving these beautiful flowers a special meaning. From generation to generation, recommendations were given that describe how to make bouquets correctly. Favorably to this plant is the teaching of feng shui, which sees in it the symbol of love. According to Feng Shui, "stars" help those who wish to activate the love sector. In it it is necessary to arrange a bouquet.

The legend of the autumnal flower Astra

The legend of the flower (aster for children - tooa kind of symbol), passed in China from father to son, says that these gifts of nature are saved from evil demons. To protect the inhabitants of the country burned petals, scattering ashes around the house.

It is interesting that "star" bouquets help andspouses whose feelings have faded after years. There is even a recipe for a special salad with flower petals, which Chinese women share with their daughters for centuries. It is believed that it is enough to feed such a dish of a chilled husband so that he regains his lost ardor. Recommended for such a dish and childless couples, as it kindles sexual desire, which will lead to the appearance of babies.

European traditions

The inhabitants of Europe also had an idea,what a magical aster (flower). Legends and beliefs that surrounded him, had a direct impact on European traditions. With the help of this plant, one could even express secret thoughts. Giving a bouquet of "stars", the donor could tell the recipient about admiration, friendly respect, hidden love and even to report hatred. Everything depended on how the bouquet is made up. Most often, asters were presented to ladies by ardent gentlemen.

autumn flowers legends and beliefs aster

However, not all European inhabitants had a tender flower associated with love. In the eastern part, this plant was considered a symbol of sadness, which was associated with the sadness of the end of summer.

An interesting fact - the aster is decorated with the emblem of the republicTatarstan, because in this country the flower symbolizes eternal life. Here it is also used to decorate residential houses, attracting prosperity to the family.

Myths about other colors

Of course, myths are surrounded not only by "stars"have other autumn flowers and legends, beliefs. Astra, for example, can not compete in the number of stories about the origin of violets. One of the popular versions insists that these gifts of nature appeared thanks to Zeus. The Thunderer turned the violet daughter of Atlas into a violet, hiding from the enamored Apollo, but forgot to disfigure the girl.

Gladiolus - another record for the number of myths. The famous theory says that it arose on the planet as a result of the battle that took place between the Thracians and the Romans. After the victory of the Romans, many young Thracians were slaves, among them two friends. When the cruel ruler told them to fight to the death, they refused. The brave young men were killed, but the first gladioli grew out of their defeated bodies.

This is how the most famous legends of astra and other beautiful flowers look.

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  • Aster: the legend of the flower. Myths about flowers Aster: the legend of the flower. Myths about flowers Aster: the legend of the flower. Myths about flowers Aster: the legend of the flower. Myths about flowers Aster: the legend of the flower. Myths about flowers Aster: the legend of the flower. Myths about flowers Aster: the legend of the flower. Myths about flowers Aster: the legend of the flower. Myths about flowers Aster: the legend of the flower. Myths about flowers Aster: the legend of the flower. Myths about flowers