All-wheel drive motorcycles. Motorcycle Ural all-wheel drive

All-wheel drive motorcycles. Motorcycle "Ural" all-wheel drive

The article will tell about the history of the appearance of heavymotorcycles with all-wheel drive, what a heavy motorcycle "Ural" is about, its technical characteristics and capabilities, and also about what models are in the line of this brand.

A bit of history

Fans of a ride with a breeze on a two-wheeled"Iron horse" certainly know that for active recreation, country trips and overcoming the dense impassability better all-wheel drive motorcycles are nothing. Among them is a motorcycle "Ural", equipped with a full drive.

Few people know that the first all-wheel-drive motorcycle appeared almost 100 years ago in the UK. He existed in his class for quite a long time, without serious competitors.

After a good ten years, at the beginning of 1931,the company BMW has established production of not only civilian bikes, but also began to produce heavy all-wheel-drive motorcycles for military purposes. Many believe that the all-wheel drive appeared due to the needs of the army, where in the distant days of the Second World War they were extremely necessary. No less popular brand of motor vehicles of that time was the famous Zundapp.

all-wheel drive motorcycles

The prototype of heavy Soviet motorcycles "Ural"The aforementioned units served, in particular, the R71 model. And in 1941 the first heavy motorcycle M72 came off the assembly line of the Irbit Motorcycle Plant, which instantly became a part of the technology for the arming of the Soviet army.

What happened next

1957 became famous for being releasedthe first small batch of all-wheel drive Urals, which were three-wheel models. And such a motorcycle was the M61, completely adopted the design of the chassis from the 72nd model. He began to be equipped with an overhead valve.

A little later the plant mastered and added an importantinnovation in the form of a reverse gear, which was completely absent on motorcycles with lower-valve engines. The earlier model, the K650, can serve as an example.

Gradually the all-wheel drive motorcycle "Ural"has undergone constructive changes. In addition to engine improvements and an integrated rear gear, a fundamentally new carburetor was installed, resulting in increased engine power. In the future, modern models began to be equipped with high-quality carburetors of Japanese production ("Keyhin"). Improved dynamic characteristics and high quality of braking, the Ural motorcycle got thanks to the installed disc brakes of Brembo Brakes, which are considered to be among the best in the world.

Characteristic features of all-wheel drive units

motorcycle urals

Motorcycle "Ural" (see photo. above) can be safely called the only motorcycle in the world with a stroller, which is manufactured with a non-differential switchable drive. One of the models of Irbit manufacturers was the motorcycle "Patrol", in which the wheel drive of the wheelchair is disconnected. The patrol with the lightweight T-version enjoys considerable success far beyond Russia. So, according to the results of sales only for 2012, the machines were sold by 37% more than in 2011.

"Patrol" will cope with any impassability,because it is equipped with a 4-speed gearbox. All-wheel drive motorcycles "Ural" overcome the most difficult sections of roads. So it's safe to say that this is the best road bike. And indeed, being laden, he never fails the driver, under no circumstances. That's why always skeptical Americans with great respect for the Ural "Patrol". The cost of the Patrol-T model fluctuates around 300 thousand rubles.

Comfort and relaxation with the "Tourist"

Especially for Russian roads, which are alreadyfor an eternity they did not see the replacement of the cover, the "Tourist-2WD" model (the motorcycle "Ural") was created. The full drive of this monster allows you to overcome not only domestic roads without any problems, but also accelerate along the highway to a speed of 120 km / h, while spending only 7 liters of gasoline for every hundred miles.

Motorcycle Urals Photo

It is easy to guess that the motorcycle "Ural" line"Tourist" is designed for long trips, and for this he is equipped with everything necessary. If desired, the drive of the stroller is disconnected, it is disconnected. In this case, you can travel only on two wheels, but the impression of this about the unit will not get worse.

Ponootrivenye motorcycles series "Tourist" equipped with45-strong motors with a working volume of 750 cm³. At the same time, cars accelerate to 120 km / h in a matter of seconds ─ fast, like Yamaha sports motorcycles, which can be paid for half a million rubles. Notice that this is at a weight of 335 kg of motorcycle, and you can take equipment and cargo with you almost as much by weight, the good of "horses" it has enough to easily pull such a luggage. The fuel tank is designed for 19 liters of fuel, and the consumption is generally ridiculous: in the conditions of the route - up to 4 liters, and in the urban cycle does not exceed 7 liters per every 100 km of run.

A little bit about the 67th model

Heavy all-wheel drive motorcycles are especially reveredamong bikers and fans of motorcycle equipment. What is really a sin to hide, power and zeal are the adrenaline, without which it is difficult to imagine riding a two-wheeled steel horse. This is the "Ural" series 67-36. This car is so machine! On patency in his class with him can be compared except that "Dnepr MT." The engine is so unpretentious that it will not be particularly offensive to its owner, if it does not pour oil on time.

all-wheel drive motorcycle

Accelerates the 67th "Ural" to 100 km / h is enoughquickly, with the fact that it weighs 330 kg and you can load in it another quarter of a ton from the top. For each sotka mileage fuel consumption is 8 liters, which is generally good, given its power. The engine delivers 36 hp. with a maximum torque of 4900 revolutions. In general, the car is reliable in all senses, and it does not take any endurance.

"Ural Up Gear" ─ power in the style of the military

Irbit developers have tried to glory,creating his brainchild Gear Up-2WD. Motorcycle "Ural" (photo below) of this series is made in military stylistics and is designed to overcome the most difficult places and impassability. The ease with which the motorcycle overcomes complex sections of roads and rugged terrain is ensured by the all-wheel drive chassis design, as well as a full-fledged reverse.

List the areas of application of the "militaristic"motorcycle does not make sense. However, we note that you can ride it anywhere in any weather year-round. This powerful machine is not afraid of snowdrifts, torrential rains, nor mud to the knees. The price of this all-wheel drive three-wheeled SUV fluctuates around 620 thousand rubles.

motorbike ural all wheel drive

Technical side

These all-wheel-drive motorcycles are equipped with 41-strongtwo-cylinder four-stroke engines with a working volume of 745 cubes. The maximum speed that a car can develop is 110 km / h. Fuel injection is controlled by the injector system. The engine is started by an electric starter, and for this purpose a kick starter is provided. The fuel tank holds 19 liters of gasoline, and fuel consumption is 7.5 liters per hundred miles.

The motorcycle brake system is presentedhydraulic clutch, and clutch - a double-disk mechanism of dry type. The telescopic front suspension ensures smooth running off-road. The presence of a non-differential transmission allows you to overcome obstacles of any complexity.

About operating convenience

Coloring khaki will be invisible in the forest or inreeds near the reservoir, so "Ural Gear Up" can be safely equipped to hunt or lay down necessary fishing gear in it. With a weight of 365 kg with you can take a lot of useful cargo and put it.

motorcycles yamaha prices

This model is significantly heavier than the developers,which allows you to transport everything you need and makes the car as stable as possible. Therefore, you can safely perform maneuvers and not be afraid that the agagate can enter and it will turn over.

If necessary, it can be put on the parking brake or disconnect the wheel drive of the wheelchair, thereby transforming the "Ural" into a two-wheeled bike.

Let's sum up the results

Motorcycles "Ural" with four-wheel drivehave proven to be reliable off-road vehicles. This equipment is equipped with high-quality imported equipment, which is of high quality. That is why it can be said that the Ural is an indestructible bike. Most motorcycle models contribute to a comfortable and safe ride thanks to the design features. Due to their high weight, these units have good stability and considerable payload. Powerful engine, chassis and features of the suspension allows you to easily overcome any terrain.

best road bike

In addition, modern motorcycles "Ural" possessattractive appearance, ergonomic design and a high level of comfort. The design of these machines allows you to smoothly move along the road. Despite its heaviness, the bike quickly gains the necessary speed. On a heavy heavy "iron horse" it's not a shame to appear at the rally of bikers or, having left for a night country road, enjoy a long road and feel the thirst for speed.

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