A recipe for a healthy diet

Mushroom soup - a recipe for a healthy diet

Soup is an integral partthe correct diet, but not all like traditional dishes like borscht or soup, so modern housewives are looking for ways to diversify the home menu. As such a method, it is possible to distinguish cooking dishes with mushrooms, in particular soup from champignons. Its recipe is very simple, but its taste characteristics make it difficult to compare it with any other product. Moreover, the soup with fresh mushrooms is distinguished by a high degree of caloric value, which means that even with a small portion you can get enough for the rest of the day. Therefore, all lovers of mushrooms are advised to try to make soup cream, mashed potatoes.

In order to prepare this soup, the following products are needed:

- 500-600 grams of champignons;

- 2 pieces of onion;

- 500 ml of chicken broth;

- 50 grams of butter;

- 2 tbsp. spoons of flour;

- 200-300 ml of cream;

- sunflower oil;

- salt and pepper.

First you need to cook chicken broth.For those who think soup on a broth only does not seem sufficient, you can leave pieces of chicken, which then go to the dish. However, if it is decided to use chicken to make soup, it is necessary to separate the meat from the bones, because the bones only spoil the general appearance. When the chicken broth is ready, you can start cooking soup from champignons. The recipe involves the use of raw mushrooms, which are first finely chopped and along with the chopped onions go to a hot pan. Mushrooms with onions should be thoroughly extinguished, until they finally soften, and the onion will not stop crackling. This will take about twenty minutes. Do not forget to add a little salt and pepper to make the mushrooms more palatable.

When mushrooms are ready, they must be placed inblender, 1/3 chicken broth bay. All this should be carefully ground to a homogeneous mass. As a result, a mashed potatoes should be produced, which will become the basis for the future soup. If the cream is ready, you can proceed to the next stage. In order to cook soup from champignons, according to the recipe, you need to do the following. We must melt butter on small fire and fry the required amount of flour. After the flour is cooked, the cream, along with the remaining broth, pours into the pan, where it continues to languish. Next, add the cream and bring the dish to a boil. Once the soup boils, add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. At this stage, you can consider the soup of champignons ready. The recipe for its preparation is very simple, and the nutritional properties can not be overestimated.

It is best to serve such a cream soup together withbreadcrumbs and a piece of parsley. So the dish will look even more appetizing. In addition, it should be said that such a dish is very useful, because mushrooms contain special elements that the human body needs to receive. For this reason, it is often necessary to prepare soup from champignons, the recipe of which is very easy to memorize and simple for execution.

It is worth saying that not everyone likes soups in the form ofcream or puree, so this soup can be cooked in a traditional way. From this flavor characteristics will not change, and in the creamy broth will be sliced ​​pieces of mushrooms and chicken, which will make this dish especially nutritious.

If you really want to add something new indiet, then the mushroom soup, the recipe of which is described above, will be an excellent way to diversify the usual menu. Such soup has taste characteristics, and is also saturated with nutritious elements, which are valuable for any human body. Now the children will not be picking up a spoon in the broth, putting off "tasteless vegetables" on the edges of the plate, and the whole family will be both satisfied and satisfied.

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