A child wakes up at night with a fit of hysteria: what to do

A child wakes up at night with a fit of hysteria: what to do?

Sleepless nights are what everyone is facingwithout exception, young parents. Newborn babies have a need for night feeding, younger preschoolers sometimes wet their bed or wake up feeling the need to visit the toilet. All this is perfectly normal everyday situations. And if a child wakes up at night with hysterics and screams, bursting into tears? What can be the reason for this behavior, how to behave properly to parents in this situation?

A child wakes up at night with a fit of hysteria

Why do babies wake up at night?

The only means of communication for the smallest- it's crying and screaming. Newborns do not realize their own needs, and even more can not explain them to adults. What if a very small child wakes up with hysteria at night? Most often, the reason for what happened is the physiological needs of the baby. A newborn can experience discomfort due to a dirty diaper, or feel hungry. Sometimes very young children wake up because the room is too cold or hot. Eliminate the probable cause of anxiety and put the baby to sleep. If the child continues to cry and does not fall asleep for a long time, he probably suffers from colic. If this problem is suspected, it makes sense to gently massage the baby's tummy.

The child wakes up at night and screams in hysterics

Nocturnal hysteria in children under the age of three

The appearance of the first teeth in a baby isA touching event, during which many children become restless. Do not be surprised if at this time the child wakes up at night with crying and screaming. There are many ways to reduce discomfort for a baby with teething. The simplest of them is to purchase toys-teethers, which can be gnawed, and regularly lubricate the baby's gums with a special gel. But night feeding lasted in the past, and teeth were safely grown. What if one day a child wakes up in hysterics? 2 years is a special age. Children already know how to communicate with their parents, but their life experience is not enough to formulate all their thoughts accurately and clearly. In fact, all the causes of hysteria at night can be divided into two categories: physiological and psychological. In the first case, the kid probably wants to drink, go to the toilet or is experiencing a different discomfort. In the second - hysterics is caused by a nightmare, bright impressions or psychoemotional shock. If a child wakes up at night and screams in hysterics often enough, it makes sense to show it to the neurologist. Sometimes this behavior is a symptom of a malfunction of the nervous system. One-time hysterics can signal the onset of some acute disease.

The child wakes up at night with hysteria what to do

Overwork - the cause of hysterics at night

Very often crying and waking at night wakes upa child who was overwhelmed by the day. Your baby has been walking too much, playing active games or visiting an unusual place? Most likely his nervous system is tired. What if the child wakes up at night with a fit of hysteria after daily activity? Revise the schedule of the baby's day and try not to overload his nervous system. Remember, before 5 years each child needs a day sleep. Many children are trying to give up lunch at 2 years. But even if it seems that the baby tolerates the absence of daytime sleep well, parents should not agree with such a regime of the day. Put the child to sleep in the day for at least 40-60 minutes. Such rest is necessary for the infant's nervous system.

Vivid impressions are not always useful

Going to the zoo, a trip to visit your grandmother orviewing a bright cartoon - these are all real events in the life of a small person. Impress the baby can even an ordinary walk in an unusual place or visit a new store. Most parents try to surprise the kids and make their life truly vibrant. If, after an interesting and eventful day, the child wakes up at night with hysterics, cries and screams - it is difficult to understand this behavior. But in fact its cause lies in the overload of the nervous system. If the baby was very impressed with something negative, in a dream he can see a full nightmare. Parents should try to minimize the likelihood of nocturnal hysteria on the basis of excess impressions. Choose entertainment according to the age of the child. If you want to show the kid something unusual, minimize to a minimum the time of such walks. Protect the child from negative information. Cartoons should contain only positive images, adult broadcasts to small children should not be looked at all. This evening news release seems banal to you, and a child can scare a story about military actions or a strict voice of an announcer.

The child wakes up in the night in hysterics 2 years

Stress and unfavorable situation in the family

Sleep disorders - a common phenomenon in familieswith an unfavorable psychological situation. If parents often swear, talk in elevated tones or treat disrespectfully to each other, the child is going through. Even the youngest children intuitively feel the mood of adult household members. Family problems cause the child to be nervous. The kid can be afraid that one of the parents will leave the family, or even blame himself for the quarrels of the elders. What to do in such situations? Try to solve the problem at the root - to establish relationships in the family.

The child wakes up at night with hysterics every hour

The child screams, but does not wake up

One form of nocturnal hysterics frightens parentsmore than others. Some children scream and cry at night, not waking up to the end. Such hysteria looks really awful from the side - it is not always possible to wake a child at once, it roars and twists, it can repel a comforting adult. When the baby finally wakes up, for several minutes he comes to himself, looking around as if he sees everything around him for the first time in his life. What to do, the child at night wakes up with a hysterics and can not wake from a dream definitively? Specialists do not recommend a sudden awakening of the baby. Try to calm the child, gently stroke it, speak in a calm voice or take the baby in your arms. If hysterics in a dream are repeated regularly - be sure to contact a neurologist.

A child wakes up at night with a tantrum cries

The child wakes up at night with hysteria: what should parents do?

Periodically nocturnal hysterics occur in everyonechild. There are no reasons for parents' anxiety until such occurrences become regular. But what if the child wakes up and screams? The most important thing for parents in this situation is to remain calm. Try to determine the cause of hysteria. If it is related to the physiological needs of the child, they must be met. When hysterics are observed in a child older than three years, it makes sense to try to ask the beloved child about the cause of his anxiety. Calm the baby and put him to bed, sit around for a while. If a child wakes up at night with hysterics every hour, or nightmares become regular, it makes sense to consult a doctor to determine the problem and the purpose of treatment.

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  • A child wakes up at night with a fit of hysteria: what to do A child wakes up at night with a fit of hysteria: what to do A child wakes up at night with a fit of hysteria: what to do A child wakes up at night with a fit of hysteria: what to do A child wakes up at night with a fit of hysteria: what to do A child wakes up at night with a fit of hysteria: what to do